Getting new devices this time of year is very common.  Perhaps you even got one for yourself during one of the many sales including our own at Computer Showcase or via one of the University of Michigan MCard Cellular discounts.

What do you do next?  Enroll in Duo of course!

How to enroll a device video including your shiny new phone (Video)

Follow the instructions for the options you selected. If you aren't sure, enroll in several options and try them out to see what works best for you.

Remember the ITS Service Center can help. If you need to, contact the ITS Service Center for assistance, including a temporary, extended-use bypass code. You can call the Service Center, 734.764.4357 and press Option 1. They even have 24/7 for Duo emergency assistance. When 4HELP is closed, call 734.764.4347 and press ‘0’.

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