If you don’t have either of your devices available you will not be able to access things like Canvas, Box or Wolverine Access.

What other options for Duo do I have?

  • Enroll a second device or more depending on how convenient it is for you to have access to them.  

    • Having a landline in your office and/or home enrolled allows you to connect in those locations when your mobile is not working/lost/stolen/etc.  

    • Having a Duo Token can be a great fall back in locations you need to work but don’t have a permanent phone like classrooms.

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Remember the ITS Service Center can help. If you need to, contact the ITS Service Center for assistance, including a temporary, extended-use bypass code. You can call the Service Center, 734.764.4357 and press Option 1. They even have 24/7 for Duo emergency assistance. When 4HELP is closed, call 734.764.4347 and press ‘0’.