If you already signed up for Duo, Thank You! If you haven't enrolled or need a backup device, a token may be a good option for you; read below for information about tokens.

Important Token Tips:

Tokens are a great alternative to the Duo mobile app or phone calls. They can also be used as a backup device for those already using the Duo app. If you want a hardware token, we have tokens available at our walk-in locations Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm:

  • LSA IT - Angell, room G155 Angell Hall, 435 S. State St.

  • LSA IT - BSB, room B180 Biological Sciences Building, 1105 N. University Ave.

  • LSA IT - Chemistry, room A541 in the basement of the Chemistry Building, 930 N. University Ave.

  • LSA IT - East Hall, room 1069 East Hall, 530 Church St.

  • LSA IT - Randall, room 2428 of Randall Laboratory, 450 Church St.

The best instructions for setting up tokens are at Safe Computing and are included below for convenience.

IMPORTANT: Remember to protect the green token button; clicking the button too many times can lock out your device. Tokens don't require internet, which makes them great for traveling.

Token setup instructions:

  1. Go to Two-Factor (Duo) for Weblogin.

  2. Select the Token Type.

  3. Enter the serial number from the back of your hardware token in the Token Serial Number box.


4. Click Enroll.

If you prefer, you can ask the ITS Service Center staff to enroll your hardware token for you over the phone. Note: you will be asked to provide information to verify your identity.

Wondering why Duo is important? Did you see the the video from Dentistry about Duo saving important research and reputation?

How do you add Duo?

Read more at Safe Computing to protect your personal information: direct deposit information and W-2s in Wolverine Access, as well as your information in Google at U-M, Box at U-M, Canvas, and more.

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Remember the ITS Service Center can help. For assistance, contact the ITS Service Center by calling 4-HELP (734.764.4357) and select Option 1. 24/7 support is available by pressing ‘0’. The ITS Service Center can provide temporary, extended-use bypass codes in the event you are locked out of Duo.