Let us help! LSA has a wide variety of resources for faculty and students to support teaching and learning. We have experts who provide extensive instructional support activities including consultation on course design, the latest teaching and learning techniques, support on classroom equipment, and assistance engaging students.


Contact the Learning and Teaching Consultants (LTC) at 734.615.0100 prompt 4, or at LSATechnologyServices@umich.edu. We can assist you with planning and execution of all your instructional activities, and help you build your course in Canvas. Our consultants can advise at any stage from brainstorming to evaluation and revision.

LTC provides pedagogical support to LSA faculty interested in team-based or active learning. If you’d like to teach in one of LSA’s team-based classrooms, be sure to make your department aware of your interest!

Contact Technology Services Operations group at 734.615.0100 prompt 4 or request classroom support or training to get help with media-heavy classes, video conferencing, film or video projection, video recording, digitization, or other media needs.

Most LSA classrooms have a computer with an instructional software load set, a projector or flat-panel display, a document camera, DVD/Blu-Ray media disc player, convenient inputs and power for laptop use, a touch-panel controller system, an iClicker base station, and an assortment of laptop cables! Many classroom spaces are also equipped with Wolfvision for wireless presenting and screen-sharing.  Most classrooms with an instructor podium have a high resolution interactive pen-based Wacom computer monitor for screen annotation and illustration. Some spaces have Lecture Capture and/or video-conferencing available. Consult the MClassrooms database to see details of any room.

As many LSA faculty do teach courses in classrooms in other schools and colleges, the MClassrooms database has information on all classrooms on central campus. The 360’ panorama and other pictures will give faculty a quick look into the classroom. The Contact Support and Floor Map tabs provide additional information about scheduling and technical support for each of the classroom spaces.

Contact Technology Services Operations group at 734.615.0100 prompt 4 or fill out the online Service Request Form.  We are happy to consult with you regarding the technology needs for your event.


The LSA Loan Centers have a wide range of audio-visual and computing equipment, available to faculty and students (and staff) to check out for free. Please see our online catalog for more information on the equipment we support.Visit us at Mason Hall G340 and our Media Center in 2001 Modern Languages Building or call us for more information at 734.615.0100 prompt 3. 

Some equipment requires training before it can be checked out. Loan Center staff will be able to provide more information.

Contact Technology Services Technical Assistance Group at  734.615.0100 prompt 1 for classroom and conference room technology issues. Technical Assistance staff will respond within 5 minutes to your class and provide assistance. If we are unable to fix the problem immediately, we will arrange for mobile equipment and temporary solutions to keep your class running until the larger problem can be fixed.

Please don’t hesitate to report other technology, furniture, and facilities issues in any LSA classroom to 734.615.0100 prompt 1 or by emailing LSATechnologyServices@umich.edu. We are eager to make your teaching spaces as responsive as possible.

Contact Technology Services Technical Assistance Group at  734.615.0100 prompt 1 for in-class staffing support in our largest teaching spaces and for innovative teaching in active learning and team-based learning classrooms, as well as video conferencing and video recordings as staffing allows.

Make a request via the online form for a training session from one of our expert technicians or call Technology Services Operations group at 734.615.0100 prompt 1. 

LSA has Faculty Project Grants available on a rolling basis throughout the year to support innovations in teaching. Level 1 Project Grants are up to $5,000 and Level 2 Project Grants are up to $15,000. Once a year, LSA solicits for proposals for instructional innovation and transformation for larger amounts under the New Initiatives/New Infrastructure Grants (NINI Grants) program. Additionally, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) provides Foundational Course Initiativegrants, and other services.

LSA also has a special unit, the Language Resource Center (LRC), which provides support for Language and Culture courses including:

  • Consultants for instructional design and media production, including audio/video production studio

  • Comfortable center with casual seating, computer classrooms, video viewing classroom

  • Library of foreign language materials; film, graphic novels, language kits, and more

  • Language learning media subscriptions: Mango Languages, Yabla, and SCOLA (international television)

  • Online databases that connect to U-M and local community: conversation partners, tutors, language bank

We have university-provided solutions as well. Academic Innovation (AI) offers digital infrastructure at scale (large scale tech solutions), curricular innovation (from massive open online courses (MOOCs) to interdisciplinary programs) and learning analytics (informed choices improving outcomes). 

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