New DEI Courses for Spring

The DEI Course schedule for 2020 is now available. In addition to new courses being offered, previous courses have been revamped to reflect current topics and issues. Click on an event for information about how to register. 





Draw an 11 x 9 grid onto a blank sheet of paper. In the upper right cell, write “Trusted 10”. In the column below this, write the names of the ten people you trust most (aside from family members). Then fill in the other column headings with: “Gender”, “Race/Ethnicity”, “Age”, “Sexual Orientation”, “Education Level”, “Disability Status”, “Marital Status”, and “Primary Language”. Fill out this socioeconomic information for each of your trusted 10 people. 

DEI Resources

Accessible & Inclusive Resource Guide compiles existing tools and information specific to campus venues as well as helpful tips about designing accessible and inclusive events

Center for the Education of Women Plus (CEW+) addresses the challenges and issues uniquely faced by women, especially women of color, focusing on educational and financial supports, career advancement, salary negotiation, and creating communities that extend beyond U-M.

Spectrum Center is committed to enriching the campus experience and developing students as individuals and members of communities using sexual orientation and gender identity and expression as our framework.

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