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Rules and Regulations

Testing at the LSA Testing Accommodation Center (TAC) may be very different than taking a test in your classroom. We expect that students review all the rules and regulations below and have a full understanding of these parameters before taking their exams at the TAC.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Academic Misconduct

If a Proctor witnesses any suspected academic misconduct during the testing period, or if a student is found to have an item at their desk that is not an approved test material by the instructor, the TAC Proctor will collect the item to hold at the Front Desk. The TAC staff will not stop or collect an exam. The Proctor will document the issue on a “Proctor Incident Report” and will notify the Testing Accommodation Managers of the incident.  

The Managers will review the Proctor Incident Report and notify the instructor and/or contact the Office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education and Executive Director of the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center.

Accessing the Lockers

Once students have Checked-In at the Front Desk, they will not be able to access their lockers, for any reason, until they have turned in their exams. Students will need to know their section numbers and/or GSIs' names before their exam.

NOTE: Lockers are only for the use of students testing with the TAC. Any person found in violation of this policy will have their personal items removed from the lockers and placed in the Lost and Found (please see Lost and Found for more details).

How to use the locks:

To Close:

  1. Select any available/open locker. Red light will flash for lockers already in use.
  2. Place items inside and close door.
  3. Press “ZEPHYR” button.
  4. Enter self-selected 4 digit passcode.
  5. Press “ZEPHYR” button.
  6. Test to make sure the lock has secured.

To Open:

  1. Press "ZEPHYR” button.
  2. Enter your self-selected 4 digit passcode.
  3. Press “ZEPHYR” button.
  4. Open locker door.

Arrival Time & Check-In

Arrival Time

Students are expected to arrive no later than ten minutes prior to a scheduled test. Early arrival gives students the opportunity to store belongings and to check in with the front desk staff.

Checking In at the Front Desk

Students are expected to be prepared to begin their exam when checking in with the front desk staff at the exam start time (after all belongings have been stored in the locker).

NOTE: Exam start time begins when a student receives their test packet, not when alerting staff they have arrived.

Exam time will not be extended due to late check-in at the front desk.

Late Arrivals

Anyone checking-in more than 15 minutes after their start time will not be allowed to take an exam without instructor approval. This does not give permission to arrive late. Students are expected to begin their test at the reservation time.

If an instructor approves the late start, it must be given in writing or verbally when the student arrives (no prior permission will be accepted). For any late arrivals, the end time of the exam will not be extended or changed.


  • The expectation is that you arrive on time as you would to the classroom.
  • This is NOT intended to be a “window of time” when you can arrive. 
  • This is to protect test integrity and allow for significant and extenuating circumstances as to why a student is late. 
  • Test end time will not change for late arrival unless there has been an extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control and the TAC staff has approved the request.

Breaks During Exams

Restroom Breaks

Restroom breaks are discouraged during tests. Students must sign-out with a Proctor when leaving the TAC, and must sign-in when returning.  If a restroom break is needed, the time elapsed during this break will not extend the time allotted to complete a test.

VISA-Approved Breaks

Time approved for Breaks, as indicated on the VISA, will be added to the Exam End Time. Students are responsible for keeping track of minutes used toward these Breaks.

NOTE: Students are NOT to leave the basement of MLB while their tests are in progess.


Cancelations must be received in-writing no later than 24-hours prior to a test reservation.

Class/Exam Conflicts

It is the student's responsibility to notify an instructor NO LATER than two weeks before a quiz or exam of an exam/class conflict.

If there is a request to change a TAC reservation time less than two weeks before a quiz/exam, there must be special, extenuating circumstances.

NOTE: Please understand that the TAC may not be able to accommodate a change to your reservation time and the instructor may need to make separate arrangements outside the TAC. 


Food and Drink

Food is not allowed in the TAC. However, if a student has a long exam, he/she may leave a snack at the TAC Front Desk (no additional time will be added for time used for a snack break). All snacks must be in a sealed bag/container.

Drinks are allowed but highly discouraged during exams at the TAC. The TAC will not be responsible for tests damaged due to spilled drinks.

Identification Required for Testing

Students MUST have a photo ID to take an exam at the TAC. The only approved forms of photo identification include:

  • Mcard
  • Government Issued Photo ID:
    • Driver's license
    • Passport
    • State issued photo ID

Proctors and TAC Staff will NOT accept any other forms of identification which include:

  • Class roster or other course enrollment sites (Wolverine Access, Canvas, CTools, Moodle, etc.)
  • Notes from instructors for approval
  • Pictures on a cell phone
  • Pictures on social media or other online sites
  • Recognition by a TAC Proctor or Staff member (i.e. knowing a student outside the TAC)
  • Student "vouching" for another student
  • Yearbook pictures

NOTE: The Modern Languages Building is typically locked at 6:00 PM every night. To enter the building, students may need to swipe their Mcards at the Southwest entrance, behind Hill Auditorium.  If the building is locked, and you do not have an Mcard (with the key logo on it), you will not be able to gain access to the building.

Lost and Found

All personal items left in the lockers and/or found in or around the TAC will be collected by TAC staff.  These items will then be delivered to the University of Michigan Division of Public Safety & Security (DPSS) on a semi-regular basis.

Please visit the DPSS Lost and Found page for information on retrieving lost items.

Materials Used During Testing

  • Only materials approved by the instructor on the reservation may be used during an exam.
  • You will receive your exam in a plastic packet with an Exam Cover Sheet.  The Exam Cover Sheet gives you instructions from your instructor as well as TAC information/policy. Do not write on the front or back of the Exam Cover Sheet. This may not be used as scrap paper. You may only use scrap paper if the instructor delivers scrap paper and it is found in your exam packet.
  • All materials (i.e. notes or scrap paper) must be returned with the exam, unless otherwise specified on the reservation.

If personal computers are approved for use during an exam, students must bring their own fully-charged laptops. Computers will only be supplied by the TAC if approved on the student's VISA letter.

IMPORTANT!:  The TAC does not stock or provide test materials, including pens, pencils, highlighters, calculators, batteries, Blue Books and Scantrons. It is your responsibility to have these items provided for exams at the TAC.

Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies may be taken into the Testing Area. This includes:

  • Bags containing medical supplies*
  • Medication
  • Medical devices
  • Other needed medical supplies

*Any bags that contain your medical supplies must not contain any other items that are not medically related and must be stored in the locker.


  • If your medical supplies require technology, Bluetooth, or WiFi (i.e. smart phones, watches, tablets, etc), we encourage you to request your instructors to list this device on the reservation. 
  • When using your medical supplies, please be as quiet as possible as to not distract fellow test-takers. You also have the option of coming out to the lobby or signing out to go to the restroom.
  • Any food must be kept at the front desk in a plastic container or baggie, with your Mcard.

Feel free to contact the LSA TAC prior to your exams if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.

Online Exam Policy

The TAC is happy to administer online exams for students needing accommodations. Please be aware that all online exams must be taken on a device brought by a student or delivered by the instructor, as the TAC computers do not have access to the Internet. 

Please review the following for online exams administered at the TAC:

Instructor Responsibility

  • Ensure that the appropriate extended exam time is set on the online platform for each student 
  • Find an alternative location outside the TAC for students that require breaks as seen on the VISA (time is added to the exam end time for breaks utilized) as TAC staff are unable to start and stop an online exam
  • In the Reservation, check “Personal Technology” if students are bringing their own device or list a device you will bring fully-charged on behalf of the student as an approved test material. 
  • Understand that Internet access will not be monitored by TAC staff

Student Responsibility

  • Ensure all devices are fully-charged as an electrical outlet may not be available in the assigned carrel
  • If DUO or two-factor authentication is required, the student is responsible for bringing a YubiKey or a Hardware Token (both may be obtained at the Computer Showcase at no cost)
  • Understand that cell phones or handwritten passcodes are not permitted for two-factor authentication
  • Understand that, unless approved, viewing online sites other than the exam is prohibited 

TAC Responsibility

  • Provide a quiet environment for students taking exams
  • Check student’s MCard to ensure the integrity of all exams
  • Provide a safe environment for all students
  • Contact instructors when students need technical assistance 

Personal Items

Students must leave ALL personal items not approved by an instructor including: bags, backpacks, pencil cases, calculator covers, books, folders, notes, etc. in the lockers (see Using the Lockers). 

Important: We recommend layer clothing or bringing a sweatshirt, sweater, or coat with you to testing. Layers will allow you to adjust whether you are feeling warm or cold. 

All electronic devices must be stored in the locker (unless approved) including: cell-phones, Smart watches/Fitbits, devices with Bluetooth capabilities, including Bluetooth headphones, laptops, iPads, etc.

Students may not access the lockers until the test is complete. Any personal items left in lockers at the end of each night will be place in the Lost and Found with the Front Desk (please see Lost and Found for more details).

Questions During a Test

Proctors may not answer questions about test material.

Proctos will attempt to email/call the instructor with your questions.  Please understand, in many situations instructors cannot be reached during exam times. Therefore, we encourage students to talk with their instructors beforehand about how to handle questions that arise during an exam at the TAC.

Quiet in Testing Area

Please remain quiet at all times when in the Testing Area. This includes when you are walking to and from your seat.

If you are found talking in the Testing Area, the TAC will report this a potential academic intregrity violation.

Seating at the TAC

Carrel Seating

Although we are compassionate toward students that are affected by distractions, all seats at the TAC are considered equitable in terms of meeting the quiet, distraction-reduced accommodation.

Our policy is to neither provide students their preferred seats, nor to move students at the time of the exam.

Computer Seating

Students approved to use a TAC computer (as seen on their VISA letter) will be assigned an iMac or a desktop PC.

Our policy is to neither move students at the time of the exam, nor provide students their preferred computers. Students may not like the computers and/or keyboards, but this is the technology we have to offer. 

If you want to bring an outside device (because you prefer one computer brand over another), it must be approved by your instructors on each reservation prior to the exam day.

More information can be found in Technology for Exams.

Service Animals

By law, service animals are welcome at the TAC (dogs or miniature horses).  Students may not bring comfort, emotional support, or companion animals to the TAC. 

NOTE: If you have a severe allergy or phobia of dogs or miniature horses, and have concerns about testing at the TAC if a service animal is present, you must have this documented and listed on your VISA letter from SSD in order to be moved to a carrel or room away from the service animal.

Submitting Your Exam On Time

It is the full responsibility of each student to monitor their own exam time and to submit their exam no later than the designated end time at the Front Desk.  There are 8 large, digital clocks in the testing area for students' convenience.  As always, students are welcome to bring their own non-Smart watch if they prefer.

IMPORTANT: We consider the Identification Section (name, section number, key, UMID number) of the Scantron as part of the test, and students will not be given extra time outside of the reservation time to complete this.


  • All test materials (including completing the Scantron) must be completed in the time allotted. You will not have extra time for bubbling in the Scantron.
  • Proctors will not provide warnings about remaining time during an exam. 
  • Proctors will not collect the exam from you in the testing area.
  • Exam end time will not be extended for late arrival. You must complete your exam at the designated reservation end time.

Submitting your exam after the designated end time may be considered Academic Misconduct and will be reported to the Office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education.

Test Irregularities

If the student or Proctor feels it necessary to document a particular test irregularity, he/she may do so by completing a “Proctor Incident Report”. “Proctor Incident Reports” will be returned to the instructor and a copy kept on file at the Testing Accommodation Center.