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Steps for Providing Accommodations When the TAC Is Unavailable

1. Identify Students Who Need Accommodations

At the beginning of the term:

2. Talk with Your Students About Their Accommodation Needs

Consider the following when talking with students about accommodations that may be listed on the VISA Letter:

Extended Time

  • For students with extended time, be aware of their class schedules to ensure their extended time does not overlap or impact their other courses and/or tests. Please consider the following options if there is a time conflict:
    • Allow for earlier start times or later end times, and/or an alternate time on the testing day.
    • Make provisions for the test to administered on a different day and time.

Quiet, Distraction-Reduced Environment

  • For students who need a quiet, distraction-reduced environment, you may need to find an alternative testing location (i.e. separate classroom, department office, or conference room).

NOTE!: See Step 3 for reserving an alternative testing location, if needed.


  • For students who are allowed "Breaks," as seen on the VISA, discuss the student's individual needs.
  • NOTE: Any time used for breaks must be added to the exam end time.


  • Discuss the student's individual needs for a computer:
    • Is adaptive technology needed?
    • How should the exam be formatted?
    • Is a paper exam needed in addition to a computer?

Other Accommodations

  • Ask students if there are other needed accommodations that may include:
    • Whether a height adjustable desk is needed.
    • Whether an exam needs an alternate format (i.e. enlarged test)

NOTE!: See Step 6 for alternative computer and desk options, if needed.

3. Review Additional Resources to Assist You

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)


Can provide the following:

  • Details and/or guidelines listed on the VISA letter
  • Technology hardware (for students with pre-approved computer accommodations) (see Step 7)
  • Height adjustable desks (see Step 7)
  • Scribes and Readers
  • Alternative test formats (i.e. enlarging tests) (see Step 7)

Knox Center for Adaptive Technology

Jane Berliss-Vincent

Can provide the following:

  • Adaptive technology (software/hardware) needs (for students with pre-approved adaptive technology accommodations)
  • Print-to-Braille

Office of Institutional Equity

Christina Kline, Disability Coordinator


Can serve as a resources (after you have talked with SSD) on the following issues:

4. Reserve a Separate Testing Location (if needed)

  • Talk with your department's Curriculum Maintainer or the person who schedules classrooms to find an alternative testing location (i.e. conference room, meeting space, or classroom).
    • If a space cannot be secured within the department, please have the person who schedules rooms to email the Registrar's Office at
  • Post a "Quiet" sign near the testing location to alert others testing is in progress.  

5. Arrange for Someone to Administer the Test (if needed)

  • Talk to your department's Chief Administrator for help in identifying:
    • Resources within the department (to determine who can administer exam if you cannot).
    • Hiring and paying persons administering exams.
      • NOTE: The LSA Testing Accommodation Center does not provide Proctors for use outside of the testing center.

6. Technology Accommodation Support (if needed)

While typical technology/equipment needs are as simple as having access to a computer, there are times when a student may request additional technology/equipment such as a height-adjustable desk or specific adaptive technology.  While instructors are responsible for ensuring accommodations are met, there are several offices on campus who can help find those resources.




Best contact person and contact information?

Megan Marshall

Sanam Arab, Manager ISS Patron Services

Do you have testing spaces available for reservation?


No specific testing spaces available.

LSA ISS has two open computer labs (one Mac, and one PC) in the MLB, as well as collaboration rooms that can be reserved.

What equipment will you have available to students who need it?

Laptops for exams

Enlarged printouts of exams

An iPad and Wacom Tablet

ISS Media Center Computer Classrooms have basic Mac and PC with standard LSA classroom build.

ISS also has various equipment available for checkout from Mason Hall and from the MLB Media Center.

Are you able to deliver/pick up equipment or will students/departments be responsible?

Depends on need and where the equipment will be housed but typically, laptops are checked out by the students from our office.

No Delivery.

Checkout Centers in Mason Hall and MLB Media Center.

Will there be any individuals available to ensure the equipment is working correctly during the exam?

During business hours the SSD Office will be open for troubleshooting problems.

Staff are available in Media Center for walk-in assistance. Please see our hours of operation.

Checkout Center staff check all equipment in the presence of the patron when they check out the equipment.

Emergency technical assistance is available for patrons in LSA classrooms by calling: 734-615-0100,  M-Th 8am-8pm, F 8am-5pm.


If so, what is the best way to contact that individual?

Main Office


Checkout Center staff  in Mason Hall and the MLB Media Center are available for walk in assistance in open hours.

Emergency technical assistance is available for patrons in LSA classrooms by calling: 734-615-0100,  M-Th 8am-8pm, F 8am-5pm.  But note, they would only be able to help make sure the computer is on or properly connected.  We cannot guarantee they will be able to solve major software issues or user interface issues.

If no individual is available during testing, how can instructors receive training ahead of time?

Contact SSD office during business hours.

Talk with the Check Out Center staff in advance during Mason Hall and MLB Check Out staff hours. Checkout Center staff check all equipment in the presence of the patron when they check out the equipment and that is an excellent opportunity to review any training needs.