Changes, big and small, are afoot at the Sweetland Center for Writing's Peer Writing Center. The first, and most obvious, change is our name. We figured our name should include "writing" to better reflect what we do, so we are now the Sweetland Center for Writing - Peer Writing Center.

This semester the Peer Writing Center, based in Angell Hall, is undergoing an extensive makeover. Once complete the Center will become a hub for undergraduate student writing activity. The new Center will feature increased hours and a streamlined service experience, and it will host special events throughout the term. While under construction students can visit the temporary Angell Hall location in AH 2271. We've also added additional hours at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library and continue to hold hours at our satellite locations. Visit our website for a complete listing of hours and locations.

Another new addition this term is the option to schedule appointments in advance at the Peer Writing Center (Angell Hall). Appointments can be scheduled up to 48 hours in advance. Visit our In-Person Writing Support page, under "Peer Writing Center" you'll find a "Click to Schedule Appointment" link to our online scheduling system. Walk-ins are still welcome at the Peer Writing Center (Angell Hall). Peer Writing Center satellite locations remain walk-in only.

While scheduling your appointment you may notice consultants designated as multilingual. Our multilingual consultants have experience working with students whose first language is one other than English. If you are an English speaker, feel free to schedule an appointment with any of our available consultants. International and multilingual students may wish to schedule an appointment with a multilingual consultant.

Finally, we've overhauled our web-based writing services. Using the new OWL, online writing consultations via video chat are set up and take place through our appointment scheduling software. Our email paper submission service (the former OWL) has been discontinued. Step-by-step instructions for using the new OWL can be found on our Web-Based Writing Support page.