Starting September 30th Sweetland's Peer Tutoring Center begins offering Multilingual Peer Tutoring, English-language writing support for undergraduate multilingual writers. Layne Vandenberg will offer writing support to Spanish speakers working on their English-language writing projects, and Zeinab Khalil will provide writing support to Arabic speakers working on their English-language writing projects. Multilingual writers who do not speak Spanish or Arabic are still encouraged to talk to Multilingual Peer Tutors who understand the challenges of language acquisition. We hope to build on the number of languages offered in the future. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Peer Tutoring works visit our In-Person Writing Support page and be sure to read the Peer Tutoring Guidelines before showing up.

Please note this service is for writing in English, not tutoring English speakers in foreign language courses.

Multilingual Peer Tutoring will be held at the Language Resource Center (Alcove C).
for Spanish speakers
Tutor: Layne Vandenberg
Mondays 3-5pm

for Arabic speakers
Tutor: Zeinab Khalil
Wednesdays 6-9pm

Additional undergraduate multilingual writing support is available by appointment from Sweetland faculty at our Writing Workshop.