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Past Participants

Senior Fellows (Faculty)

Winter - Fall 2017

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Samar Ali, Near Eastern Studies
Gary Beckman, Near Eastern Studies
Anne Gere, Sweetland
Elizabeth Goodenough, Residential College
Shuwen Li, Sweetland
Vilma Mesa, School of Education
Sheila Murphy, Screen Arts & Cultures

Junior Fellows (Grad Students)
Alena Aniskiewicz, Slavic Languages & Literature
Christian Greenhill, Materials Science & Engineering
Jacqueline Larios, History
Lori Smithey, Architecture & Urban Planning
Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson, Anthropology

Winter - Fall 2016

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Anne Gere, Sweetland
Lori Randall, Sweetland
Larissa Sano, Sweetland
Ginger Shultz, Chemistry
Valerie Traub, English/Women's Studies

Junior Fellows (Grad Students)
Lindsay Ahalt Champion, Anthropology
Sheila Coursey, English Language & Literature
Mika Kennedy, English Language & Literature
Sarah Mass, History
Fabian Guy Neuner, Political Science
Christina Perry Sampson, Anthropology

Winter-Fall 2015

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Julie Boland, Psychology
Paul Conway, School of Information
Petra Kuppers, Women's Studies
Adam Simon, Program in the Environment
Karla Taylor, English Language and Literature
Jing Xia, Sweetland Center for Writing

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Zac Garlets, Organic Chemistry
Ayse Neveser Koker, Political Science
Francesca Minonne, Romance Languages
Will Nediger, Linguistics
Elizabeth Nijdam, German Languages and Literature

Winter-Fall 2014

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Carol Bardenstein, Near Eastern Studies
Rachel Goldman, Materials Science and Engineering
Sara Konrath, Institute for Social Research
Simone Sessolo, Sweetland
Daniel Weissman, Psychology

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Emily Goedde, Comparative Literature
Amanda Hendrix-Komoto, History
Dan Jaqua, Economics
Elizabeth Mann, Political Science
Heidi Phillips, Chemistry
Rebecca Tutino, Toxicology, Environmental Health
Jessica Wiederspan, Sociology and Social Work

Winter-Fall 2013

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Rolf Bouma – Program in the Environment
Anne Gere – Sweetland Center for Writing
Dana Nichols – Sweetland Center for Writing
Selena Smith – Earth and Environmental Sciences
Melanie Yergeau – English Language and Literature

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Abigail Celis – Romance Languages
Jessica Getman – Musicology
Katy Goldey – Biopsychology
Rafe Kinsey – Mathematics
Richard Pierre – Comparative Literature
Joshua Shipper – Political Science
Jason Zurawski – Near Eastern Studies

Winter-Fall 2012

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Amy Carroll – American Culture, Latina/o Studies, and English
Benjamin Paloff – Slavic and Comparative Literature
Sara Aciego – Geological Sciences
Barbara Koremenos – Political Science
Lila Naydan – Sweetland Center for Writing
Anne Ruggles Gere – Sweetland Center for Writing

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Sarah Conrad Gothie – American Culture
Jessica Robbins – Anthropology
Carolyn Dekker – English
Trever Kilgore – History
Erin Baribeau – Political Science
Bonnie Washick – Political Science
Philip Cheng – Psychology

Winter-Fall 2011

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Lynn Anderson – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Sueann Caulfield – History
Anne Ruggles Gere – Sweetland Center for Writing
Shelley Manis – Sweetland Center for Writing

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Daniel Birchok – Anthropology and History
Dan Blim – Musicology
Katie Brion – History of Art
Brian Dowdle – Asian Languages and Cultures
Cameron Gibelyou – Physics
Zak Lancaster – English and Education
Andrea McDonnell – Communications and Museum Studies
David Medeiros – Linguistics

Winter-Fall 2009

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Ingrid Hendy – Geological Science
Danielle LaVaque-Manty – Sweetland Writing Center
Mika LaVaque-Manty – Political Science and Philosophy
Timothy McKay – Physics and Astronomy
Megan Sweeney – English Language and Literature and CAAS

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Ross Bowling – History
James Draper – Communication Studies
Ben Gunsberg – English and Education
Dina Guth – Classical Studies
Catherine Hammond Mullalond – Communication Studies
Jennifer Solheim – Romance Languages and Literature
Kharis Templeman – Political Science
Joel Vaughan – Statistics

Winter-Fall 2008

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Sara Ahbel-Rappe – Classical Studies
Robyn Burnham – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Julie Ellison – American Culture
Alan Hogg – Sweetland Writing Center
Yannick Viers – Romance Languages and Literatures

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
James Beitler – English and Education
Anne Berg – History
J. Henrike Florusbosch – Anthropology
Marco Garrido – Sociology
Jason Herlands – Asian Languages and Cultures
Helen Ho – Communication Studies
Anne Kreps – Near Eastern Studies
Joel Selway – Political Science

Winter-Fall 2007

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Netta Berlin – Classical Studies
Keith Taylor – English Language and Literature
Patricia Simons – History of Art
Louis Cicciarelli – Sweetland

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Tyler Cornelius – American Culture
Seth Button – Classical Art and Archaeology (IPCAA)
C. Michael Sampson – Classical Studies
Donna Scheidt – English and Education
Matthew Ides – History
Kirsten Olds – History of Art
Vanessa Carbonell – Philosophy Department
Elizabeth Ben-Ishai – Political Science

Winter-Fall 2006

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Catherine Brown - Romance Languages and Comparative Literature
Nancy Rose Hunt - History
Karin Martin - Sociology
Priscilla Tucker - Museum of Zoology

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Alex Bates – Asian Languages
Christopher Becker – Slavic/Linguistics
Sayan Bhattacharyya – Comparative Literature
Arran Caza – Psychology
Beth Hahn – Natural Resources
Marti Lybeck – History
Debra Melican – Communications
Heather Thomson – English and Education

Winter-Fall 2005

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Raquel Gonzalez – Romance Languages Department
George Hoffmann – Romance Languages Department
Rosemary Kowalski – English Language and Literature Department
Laura Olsen – Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Naomi Silver – Sweetland Writing Center

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Amit Ahuja – Political Science Department
Rebecca Brannon – History Department
Jill Constantino – Anthropology Department
Olivier Delers – Romance Languages Department
Jacqueline George – English Language and Literature
Brenda Longfellow – IPCAA (Classical Art & Archaeology)
Geoffrey Maturen – Classical Studies Department

Winter-Fall 2004

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Lillian Back – English Language and Literature Department
Anne Curzan – English Language and Literature Department
Susan Nolen-Hoeksema – Psychology Department
Matt Kelley – Sweetland Writing Center

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Erica Lehrer – Anthropology Department
Elizabeth Bridges – Anthropology Department
Keith Pecor – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department
Lauren Pratt Caldwell – Classical Studies Department
Charise Harrison – Comparative Literature Program
Lindsay Ellis – English and Education Program
Jessica Thurlow – History Department
Dagfinnur Sveinbjornsson – Political Science Department

Winter-Fall 2003

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Robert Sharf – Asian Languages and Cultures
George Bornstein – English Language and Literature
Marjorie Horton – LS&A Undergraduate Education

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Suzanne Spring – English and Education Program
Anna M. Smith – History Department
Irfan Nooruddin – Political Science Department
Khristina Haddad – Political Science Department
Margarita Nafpaktitis – Slavic Languages and Literatures
Julica Hermann – Sociology Department

Winter-Fall 2002

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Caroline Eisner – Sweetland Writing Center
Marilyn Shatz – Psychology Department
Martha Vicinus – English Language and Literature
Jens Zorn – Physics Department

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Mark Arehart – Linguistics Department
Theresa Braunschneider – Women’s Studies Program
Cari Carpenter – Women’s Studies Program
John F. Collins – Anthropology Department
Michael Hanmer – Political Science Department
Heather Holleman – English Language and Literature
Debra Horner – Political Science Department
Nöel Schiller – History of Art Department

Winter-Fall 2001

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
John Swales – Linguistics Department
Curtis Huntington – Mathematics Department
Edie Goldenberg – Political Science Department
David Sheridan – Sweetland Writing Center

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Bill Hogan – English Language and Literature
Krista Homicz – English and Education Program
Evanthia Diakoumakou – Linguistics Department
John Kang – Political Science Department
Matt Beckmann – Political Science Department
Melanie Boyd – Women’s Studies and English Language and Literature

Winter-Fall 2000

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Alejandro Uribe-Ahumada – Mathematics Department
Jim Adams – Economics Department
Kathryn Tosney – Biology Department
Patricia Yaeger – Women’s Studies and English Language and Literature
Renee Anspach – Sociology Department
Stefan Senders – Sweetland Writing Center and Anthropology Department

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Bridget Anderson – Linguistics Department
Colleen O’Brien – Women’s Studies Program
Ellen Moodie – Anthropology Department
Julia Carlson-Federhofer – English Language and Literature
Shawn Christian – English Language and Literature
Shawn Kimmel - American Culture Program

Winter-Fall 1999

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Daniel Burns – Mathematics Department
Philip Hanlon – Mathematics Department
Dennis McEnnerney – Sweetland Writing Center
Michael Schoenfeldt – English Language and Literature

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Carol Burki – Linguistics Department
Judith Daubenmier – History Department
Bruce Fields – Mathematics Department
Elise Frasier – English Language and Literature
Scott Heath – English Language and Literature
Jim Johnson – Lloyd Hall Scholars Program
Eric Stein – Anthropology Department

Winter-Fall 1998

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Brian Coppola – Chemistry Department
James Hilton – Psychology Department
Eileen Pollack – English Language and Literature
Jennifer Robertson – Anthropology Department
Ralph Story – Comprehensive Studies Program

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Victoria Allison – Biology Department
Christopher Glew – Anthropology Department
Pamela Lee – Comparative Literature Department
Kenya Mayfield – Anthropology Department
Charlotte Pagni – American Culture Program
Annemarie Bichakjian Toebosch – Linguistics Department

Winter-Fall 1997

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Laura Downs – History Department
Todd Gernes – Sweetland Writing Center
Ejner J. Jensen – English Language and Literature
Michael M. Martin – Biology Department
Rebecca Reed – Sweetland Writing Center
John Whittier-Ferguson – English Language and Literature

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Delia Coleman – English Language and Literature
Graham Denham – Mathematics Department
Rafael Heller – English Language and Literature
Benita Jackson – Psychology Department
Karen Miller – History Department
Jennipher Rosecrans – History Department