All of our Writing Support Services have transitioned to online formats. The process for scheduling appointments remains the same. See the sections below for links for more information.

Writing Support Services

Writing Workshop

All Writing Workshop appointments are now conducted online. Instructions can be found on the Undergraduate Writing Support page and Graduate Writing Workshop page.

Peer Writing Centers

All Peer Writing Center appointments haved moved online. We are offering synchronous Online Appointments and new asynchronous eTutoring Appointments.

  • Online Appointments are the same format as in-person consultations, but with real-time online video/audio.
  • eTutoring Appointments allow students to upload their paper and have a writing consultant provide written feedback on it by the end of their appointment time.

Instructions are available on the Undergraduate Writing Support page.

Petitions and Appeals

Petitions previously mailed or hand-delivered to our office can be emailed to

If you have any questions about the following information, contact us at