Sweetland Word²: Writer to Writer with Professor Maria Cotera


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  • Speaker: Professor Maria Cotera
  • Host Department: Sweetland Center for Writing
  • Date: 02/06/2014
  • Time: 5:00PM - 6:00PM

  • Location: Literati Bookstore - 124 East Washington Street

  • Description:

    The Sweetland Word²: Writer to Writer series lets you hear directly from University of Michigan professors about their challenges, processes, and expectations as writers and also as readers of student writing. Word² pairs one esteemed University professor with Sweetland faculty member and WCBN Living Writers host T Hetzel for a conversation about writing.

    This session features a conversation with Maria Cotera, Associate Professor of American Culture, Latina/o Studies, and Women’s Studies. Her work focuses on US/Third-World feminist theory, Latina feminism, and the intellectual genealogies of women of color. Her book Native Speakers: Ella Cara Deloria, Zora Neale Hurston, Jovila Gonzalez Mireles and the Poetics of Culture won the NWSA Gloria Anzaldua Prize. Professor Cotera is currently working on a book titled Chicana por mi Raza: The Hidden History of Chicanas in the Second Wave.

    Professor Cotera will answer questions about her own writing practices, including how she decides on a focus, what she does when she gets stuck, and how she meets deadlines. She will also talk about what she looks for in student writing, and what she thinks students ought to know about writing. If there's anything you've ever wanted to ask a professor about writing, Word² gives you the chance.

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    about Sweetland Word²: Writer to Writer

    Sweetland's Word²: Writer to Writer sessions take place at the Literati bookstore and are broadcast live on WCBN radio. These conversations offer students a rare glimpse into the writing that professors do outside the classroom. You can hear instructors from various disciplines describe how they handle the same challenges student writers face, from finding a thesis to managing deadlines. Professors will also discuss what they want from student writers in their courses, and will take questions put forth by students and by other members of the University community. If there's anything you've ever wanted to ask a professor about writing, Word² gives you the chance.

    Co-sponsored by Literati Bookstore, WCBN Radio, and Sweetland Center for Writing.