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Is SLE right for me?

Deciding where to live freshman year can sometimes feel overwhelming: figuring out where residence halls are located, what different learning communities have to offer, and where to find the nearest dining hall are just a few of the details that can go into making this choice. If you are considering if the Sustainable Living Experience (SLE) might be right for you, we hope these details can help.

The SLE started in 2016 with the aim of providing an inclusive and immersive environment for students to develop leadership in sustainability and environmental justice issues. SLE engages students of any intended major with the world of sustainabilty and the environment. Students are immersed in sustainability activities from the moment they arrive on campus. This builds student connections with existing sustainability opportunities and programs in addition to offering unique opportunities for learning and leadership. All SLE students take a 2 credit seminar course led by our Director, Professor Joe Trumpey, throughout fall and winter semesters.

The SLE is located in Oxford Houses, which are a part of the “Hill Neighborhood” area of central campus. Oxford has its own dining hall, several community kitchens, and a small exercise room available onsite. Students in the SLE currently tend to vermicomposting bins, mushrooms, plants in the living spaces, and the bird feeders on the property.

If you would like to let us know that you are interested in the program, contact us at or complete this online form.

Still not sure if this program is right for you? Read below to see why some students choose to be a part of the SLE.


“SLE appealed to me because environmental change has always been something I've cared about but didn't have plans on majoring in anything related to sustainability. This seemed like a great way to stay involved in sustainability while getting to join a tight knit community as soon as I set foot on campus.” - Madi Quinn

“[I joined SLE because] I wanted to be involved in giving back to the community.” - Nando Marco Felten

“Environmental issues have always been very important to me, but things like deforestation or rising carbon dioxide emissions can often feel overwhelming and a bit like insurmountable hurdles. The SLE gives us the knowledge and resources to make changes in our lives and on campus that have a significant impact on the environment. It makes sustainability feel like a real and achievable goal that I as an individual can contribute to.” - Paola Vargas

“Loved the first year!” - SLE Peer

“I’m excited to come back.” - SLE Peer

“SLE was good for meeting new people at the beginning of the year to make friends fast and develop a sense of community” - SLE First Year Student

“SLE offers a flexible commitment and you can get involved in discussions and get feedback and information. With SLE I am comfortable sharing my thoughts.” - SLE First Year Student


Watch the vlog below to hear from SLE students what the program has been like for them.