Announcing a new podcast, The Received Wisdom, co-hosted with Jack Stilgoe (University College London). The Received Wisdom talks to thinkers and doers about how to realize the potential of science, technology, and science and technology policy to make the world a better place.

Our interview lineup so far includes: Alondra Nelson (Princeton), Dan Sarewitz (Arizona State University), Ruha Benjamin (Princeton), Benjamin Pauli (Kettering University), Ben Hurlbut (Arizona State University), and Jane Flegal (Arizona State University). We're hoping to reach a wide audience with the podcast, and hope it might also be a good resource for teaching. 

Our teaser episode is now up, so you can get a sense of what we are hoping to do with the podcast. Full episodes will come out every 6 weeks or so: look out for the first one at the end of September! You can subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts, including Apple, Google, Stitcher, and Spotify