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Graduate Students Directory

Richard A. Bachmann
I am generally interested in the connection between technology and capitalist society. Currently, my research focuses on the transatlantic debates about the social impact of automation and cybernation in the 1950s/60s.
Anoff Cobblah
Representations of scientific play and work in nineteenth-century literature; the role of play in the construction of scientific knowledge; nineteenth-century relationship between science and literature, with an emphasis on physics.
Daniel Delmonaco
LGBTQ+ Health, Information Seeking, Sexual Health, Content Moderation
Robert Diaz
Studies the dialectics between professional Western science and epistemological systems in the Pacific World..
Kristin (Nel) Escher
Computational law, poverty management technology, heretical design, and computer-assisted socialism
Erin Johnson
How conceptions of the mind-body connection shaped lived experiences in medieval and early modern England.
Hailey (Young Rim) Kim
Media's role in information delivery during crisis and how the public's understanding of the reality develops in such times of uncertainty.
Vicky Koski-Karell
Intersections and assemblages of water and health care infrastructure in Haiti.
Cindy Lin
Climate finance, environmental and economic modeling, cognition and attention, visual representation and data visualization, aesthetics .
Megh Marathe
Science, technology & medicine; epilepsy; classification; empirical ontology
Elizabeth McNeill
19th-21st-century German literature and science, animal studies, history of the biological and health sciences, media studies, sound studies.
Karandeep Mehra
Doctoral student in linguistic anthropology
Sriram Mohan
Digital media, cultural politics, and technology use in South Asian contexts.
Kate O'Connor
Graduate Student
Surface Mail: 505 S. State Street | 3722 Haven Hall; Ann Arbor MI 48109-1045
Cheyenne Pettit
Hospital and medical technology, scientific ethics, and the construction of medical expertise especially in a military context
Kathryn Wataha
I am broadly interested in merging Sound Studies, Media Theory, and the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. I work more specifically on the production of sonic and ultrasonic knowledges and technologies in 20th-century clinical and laboratory spaces, especially as they engage with animal model systems.
Morgan Wofford
Data curation, data practices, knowledge infrastructures, open science, scientific misinformation