Dr. Snigdha  Panigrahi  joined the University of Michigan Department of Statistics as an Assistant Professor of Statistics starting Fall 2018. She received her Bachelor of Statistics (Honors) and Master of Statistics degrees from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. She completed her Ph.D. in Statistics from Stanford University in June 2018 under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Taylor. 

Dr. Panigrahi's research interests, broadly directed towards substantiating inferential pipelines in contemporary and well-adopted practices in data science, lie at the intersection between developments in machine learning and statistical methods with some theoretical guarantees. Her work spans across selective inference, causal inference, random fields, and statistical genomics. Her focus in each of these areas is to develop statistical methodologies with solid theoretical understanding, and to provide effective algorithms for users of those methodologies. 

When asked why she chose to join UM Statistics, Dr. Panigrahi said, "The Department of Statistics at the University of Michigan offers a diverse and stimulating environment to pursue an academic career in Statistics. In this dynamic climate of intellectual exchange, I am excited to use Statistics as a powerful discipline to advance scientific arguments and to render my humble contributions in building a new generation of statisticians."

The Department of Statistics at the University of Michigan is thrilled to welcome Dr. Panigrahi to our team of researchers and educators.