This week, Department of Statistics, 2009 PhD Alumni and current Chief of AI Assurance at the Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC),  Dr. Yevgeniya (Jane) Pinelis, was featured in Forbes as one of the inspirational women leaders in AI shaping the 21st Century. 

As described in the Forbes article, at the JAIC Dr. Pinelis "...leads a diverse team of testers and analysts in rigorous test and evaluation (T&E) for JAIC capabilities, as well as the development of T&E-specific products and standards that will support testing of AI-enabled systems across the DoD. She also leads the team responsible for instantiating Responsible AI principles into DoD practices." 

In the article Dr. Pinelis underscored the importance of encouraging young girls early on in their education in order the achieve gender diversity in the fields of technology and national security.

Congratulations Dr. Pinelis!