Congratulations to Prof. Ambuj Tewari and his collaborators on their $2,000,000 "Meet the Moment" research grant from LSA! Their project, called “Measuring, Modeling, and Mapping Microplastics in the Atmosphere of Michigan (M4AM)", is led by Anne McNeil (Chemistry), and has, in addition to Ambuj, three other co-PIs: Andrew Ault and Paul Zimmerman from Chemistry and Allison Steiner from Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering.  

As described in LSA's news story, "The harmful effects of microplastics in water and on land have been the topic of many scholars' research in recent years, but little is know about its impact in the air.  This team will research how microplastics pollution in the atmosphere has impacted residents in Michigan, and how racial, economic, and geographic disparities have played a role in exposure levels. The research will help inform how to better address this issue and promote environmental justice."