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FAQs for New Students

Registration for Fall 2020

Q: What will the 2020-21 academic calendar look like? 

A: Academic calendar

Q: What format will the Fall 2020 classes be and how can I attend? 

A: The Fall 2020 semester offers a mix of remote, in-person and hybrid courses. Please check the schedule of classes for up-to-date information about each course.

Q: What is a hybrid class? 

A: A hybrid class is a class that has both online sessions and in-person sessions. The in-person element may differ in quantity from section to section, and is dependent on the phase  

Q: What can I expect in terms of my exam format for virtual courses? 

A: Please check the schedule of classes for up-to-date information about exams.

Q: What health and safety protocols do we have to follow on campus and in the classroom? 

A: Please visit the FAQ section of the campus Maize and Blueprint site for more information.

Incoming International Students

Q: I am a new international student. What is my best option for starting in the fall? 

A: The International Center has the current policies and guidelines related to international student status.

Q: I am an admitted student, but currently not located in the US. What happens if I can’t secure my visa and/or I am not able to enter the US in time? 

A: We are offering a robust curriculum via virtual instruction, and new international students outside the US can register for remote courses in Fall 2020.

Q: How late can I arrive this Fall Semester and still be eligible for CPT in summer 2021? 

A: Students must be in the US for the entire Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms to be eligible for CPT in Summer 2021.

Q: Is it possible to defer until the winter semester? 

A: The opportunity to request a deferral has closed.

Q: I have already deferred for Fall 2020 and now I have changed my mind. Can I still join with a Fall 2020 start? 

A: Yes! Please email before August 24, 2020. 


Financial Aid and Student Employment

Q: What types of financial aid or funding does the Department of Statistics offer to master’s students?

A: We offer a small number of guaranteed Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) positions to Master’s students at the time of admission (about 2 per year). These positions provide a stipend, a tuition waiver, and health insurance. A few additional GSI positions may become available to Master’s students in late August, and additional offers of aid on a term-by-term basis may be made. 

Q: Is there any financial aid or scholarships available for international students?

A: A very small number of international students may be nominated for an English course ELI 994 that makes them eligible for a GSI position in the second year. Completing the course does not guarantee that such a position will become available. All students must come prepared to cover all expenses for the entire course of study as receiving financial aid is very unlikely.

Q: How and when may I apply for campus employment? 

A: Students may visit and and search for jobs. They can begin employment once they are a student; new students must wait until Fall term begins to begin employment.

Q: How can I find an internship/job? 

A: Campus-specific employment information can be found in the question above. In addition, there are a variety of career resources on campus and offered in the department for students. We do not guarantee internship/employment, but provide many opportunities for engaging with potential employers.


General Registration

Q: How many credits should I take each semester if I am full-time? 

A: At least 9 credits is considered full time.

Q: How do I register for classes? 

A: Students register for courses via Wolverine Access. More information can be found here.

Q: Can I register for my courses if I am outside the US? 

A: For Fall 2020: Please check with the current International Center guidelines

Q: Where do I find information on relevant courses? What courses are being offered this fall and when? 

Please search the LSA Course Guide for more information. 

Q: Which courses are recommended for the first semester? 

A: Please refer to our program of study/curriculum pages. 

Q: Am I guaranteed my first choice section for the core classes? 

A: Students are accommodated to the best of our ability for required courses. Seats are reserved for an anticipated amount of incoming students that may register. Please contact your program coordinator if a required course is closed to you.

Q: May I register for multiple sections of the same class? 

A: Generally, no. The exception to this is topics courses and independent studies. Please check with your advisor before planning to do this.

Q: May I register for classes in another department? 

A: Yes, you may register for classes outside of the Statistics department. You will need preapproval from your advisor 

Q: How do I know if an elective is approved or not? 

A: Please consult the pre-approved lists on our program pages. If you would like a course considered that is not listed, contact your faculty advisor.

Q: Can I take more than 9 credits (full-time status) in any given term?

A: Yes. Please see here for more information. Look under overtime dropdown. 

Q: What programming language is used for the MA Program? 

A: The master’s programs use R, Python, and C++

Q: What are the overall requirements to graduate? 

A: Please refer to our program of study/curriculum pages.


Transition to Campus/Beginning Your Studies

Q: How and when do I pay my tuition? 

A: Please consult the information listed with Student Financial Services.

Q: When do I submit my final transcripts? 

A: Matriculating students should submit their final transcripts to Rackham before the start of their first term.

Q: How do I receive transfer credit? 

A: Please refer to the Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies for rules about transfer of credit into the Master's degree program. Requests will need to be approved by a program advisor.

Q: When will I receive my student ID card? 

A: This process is currently delayed for Fall due to the pandemic but may change. You can find more information here.

Q: When do I receive my Faculty Advisor assignment? 

A: Students receive their faculty advisor assignment ahead of orientation in mid-late August.

Q: What is the role of my Faculty Advisor? 

A: Your faculty advisor will be your main point of contact for questions about course selection, academic performance, progress to degree and final graduation audit/checklist approval.

Q: What should I do if I have concerns about my academic performance? 

A: Contact your faculty instructor(s), your faculty advisor, your program coordinator, or a combination of these.