Associate director Alford A. Young, Jr., spoke on a panel of experts for WDIV's Saturday morning program Flashpoint with Devin Scillian. The segment's topic, The American Workplace, asked the experts to discuss the future of work after the pandemic, how changing technology both abaits and deepens workers' anxieties, and what policies like the coronavirus stimuls checks signal about a liveable minimum wage. 

"Well in some sense it has been a long-standing problem—technology has been a part of our world since the industrial age and there has always been some  interest and for some people concern about what the future of work might mean as technology unfolds," comments Young. "I think we're at a critical point today because technology is promoting change at a faster rate. What might have taken decades or years to change in the past now changes within months, within a year and that creates a new level of anxiety, as well as possibilities."

When asked about what the coronavirus stimilus checks says about the need for a livable minimum wage, Dr. Young responded that "as a nation, we must commit to helping people understand how they can relate in a long-term and consistent fashion to work."

Watch the entire segment here.