On Monday, July 19, Earl Lewis gave the "Remembering" lecture on reparations as part of the United Methodist Church's Church and Society 'Reparations: Remembering, Repairing, and Re-imagining' webinar series.

In his lecture, titled 'Unjust Past, Just Future', Dr. Lewis took audiences through three eras of reparations: chattel slavery, post-emancipation and Jim Crow, and mass incarceration.

"When we talk about American history, almost 250 years—or 60%—of what we think of as the story of America, the United States, was dominated by the political economy of slavery. This is a significant part of our past, and there's no way to ignore that past. But when we talk about reparations, I actually think there are three periods we need to consider." 

Watch the lecture here: