On Sunday, September 19, Dr. Earl Lewis gave the commencement speech for the Alma College Class of 2020. The school welcomed back graduates whose in-person commencement was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

"Individually and collectively, members of a community or communities need not just grace, they need resilience. In a number of settings before the onset of the pandemic, and certainly since this ever-present hold, I have beseeched audiences to build and sustain grace-filled communities," Dr. Lewis began his speech. "By grace, I mean the community embraces both difference and inclusivity. In a grace-filled community, all accept the responsibility of building and improving what's there. In that sense, all see themselves as social architects of institution building. A gracefull community is framed by members with the patience to teach and the willingness to learn in and out of the classroom. Finally, a graceful community is shaped by a genuine commitment for caring about one another."

Dr. Lewis was given an honorary degree from the College.

His speech begins at 23:30:


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