On Tuesday, October 19, CSS researchers Brad Bottoms, Julie Arbit, and Abha Panda presented their findings on "Equity in Flood Risk: densifying gauges for high resolution risk and vulnerability modelling," at the International Association of Emergency Managers 2021 annual conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their presentation won first place in the academic, competitive division.

The "Equity in Flood Risk" project, which was developed in collaboration with Branko Kerkez's Real-Time Water Sensors Lab at the University of Michigan, aims to improve data networks using low-cost flood sensors so that burdened communities can more effectively respond to major flood events.

“Studies show that historically disadvantaged communities are both most at risk to flooding, as well as less likely to be able to recover,” research associate Julie Arbit explained. “Improving data networks that forecast and assess flooding can help track the extent of disasters in these communities.”


Learn more about the Center's "Equity in Flood Risk" project here.


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