The Center for Social Solutions is committed to establishing concrete solutions to our four initiatives. While these issues are relevant across the entire nation and in all corners of the world, it is also useful to examine their local presence in a specific location. Doing so can help us to better grasp the fact that no community is immune to these problems, and provide clarity when assessing the larger-scale version of these issues.

Today’s focus is the Future of Work initiative and its themes. To learn more about the effects and implications of technology and employment issues in Michigan, take a look at the content below.



“Small businesses in Michigan share their COVID-19 lessons learned, reopening tips” by Aimee Ridella, WDIV Local 4

As businesses continue to find ways to operate with shifting COVID-19 regulations, small business owners in Michigan discuss the new safety measures and technologies they have learned to adapt in reopening their businesses and the lessons they have learned.


“Detroit’s largest corporations take stand racism” by Breana Noble, The Detroit News

Major companies in Detroit discuss the collective steps they are taking to promote inclusion and racial justice within their industries in the wake of ongoing national protests and why these measures are important in creating both social responsibility and more profitable businesses.


“Will COVID-19 serve as a curtain call for the fall performing arts season?” by Charlsie Dewey, Grand Rapids Magazine

As theaters and other performance venues continue to remain closed, organizations are struggling with how to adapt their planned fall seasons to pandemic regulations, leaving the futures of the performing arts industry and the people working in them uncertain.


“Michigan plans to redesign a stretch of road for self-driving cars” by Matt McFarland, CNN

In an effort to connect the cities of Ann Arbor and Detroit more effectively, promote driver safety, and create new jobs in autonomous vehicle operations, Michigan has announced a plan to redesign roads connecting Ann Arbor and Detroit for exclusive use by self-driving cars.


“Michigan Matters: Small Business” by Carol Cain, CBS 62 (2020)

Small business owners from across the state share personal accounts of their struggles to continue working during the COVID-19 pandemic, their inspiration for continuing their line of work, and the innovative new approaches they are learning to take.


“How close-contact businesses like dance studios and massage therapy are faring during the pandemic” by Susan Byrd and Heidi Johnson, Stateside (2020)

While some Michigan businesses have been able to reopen, close-contact businesses still find themselves unable to operate in person and have been relying more heavily on technology and changing their business models to continue to stay connected with their valuable clients.