The Center for Social Solutions is committed to establishing concrete solutions to our four initiatives. While these issues are relevant across the entire nation and in all corners of the world, it is also useful to examine their local presence in a specific location. Doing so can help us to better grasp the fact that no community is immune to these problems, and provide clarity when assessing the larger-scale version of these issues.

Today’s focus is the Future of Work initiative and its themes. To learn more about the effects and implications of technology and employment issues in Michigan, take a look at the content below.



“Delivery robots help Ann Arbor restaurants weather COVID crisis” by Gabe Cherry and Nicole Casal Moore, Michigan News

With in-person delivery services working at maximum capacity and restaurants seeking to minimize human contact, delivery robots have proven essential in connecting Ann Arbor restaurants to their customers in a safe and efficient manner.


“Michigan governor announces tuition-free educational program for essential workers” by Amanda Jackson and Keith Allen, CNN

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has announced a new “Futures for Frontliners” program that will allow essential workers without a college degree to pursue higher education opportunities for free.


“Michigan businesses have repurposed to help during coronavirus pandemic” by Brendel Hightower, Detroit Free Press

Dozens of companies across the state have repurposed their production in unique ways to help frontline workers and other impacted citizens during the coronavirus pandemic.


“Michigan’s manufacturers rumble back to life this week. That’s good news for the economy.” by Malachi Barrett, MLive

Manufacturing has always been a core part of Michigan’s economy and may prove to be a key industry for rebuilding the state’s economy due to the large percentage of Michiganders employed in the field as well as its interconnectedness to other industries across the state.



“COVID-19 Impact on Food System/Music Venues” by American Black Journal, DPTV (2020)

This episode of American Black Journal tackles the complex impacts of COVID-19 on culturally-significant food and music industries across the state of Michigan.


“Studio visits for the pandemic: Michigan artists making ‘house calls’” by Michigan Radio (2020)

Michigan artists face the unique challenge of being unable to physically share their artwork with the public due to social distancing measures. Many have taken to technology and video conferencing programs to connect with communities and grow their audience in the meantime.