The Center for Social Solutions is committed to establishing concrete solutions for our four initiatives. While these issues are relevant across the entire nation and in all corners of the world, it is also useful to examine their local presence in a specific location. Doing so can help us to better grasp the fact that no community is immune to these problems, and provide clarity when assessing the larger-scale version of these issues.

Today’s focus is the Future of Work initiative and its themes. To learn more about the effects and implications of technology and employment issues in Michigan, take a look at the resources below.



“Driverless robots in Ann Arbor seek piece of food-delivery pie” by Henry Paines, The Detroit News

Ann Arbor restaurants are experimenting with using autonomous vehicles to deliver food instead of employing existing food delivery services in order to reduce delivery costs and increase efficiency.


“What are the jobs of Michigan’s future? Here’s what our leaders see” by Carol Cain, Detroit Free Press

Leaders of Michigan’s political, business, and educational institutions discuss how they are planning to address the changing future of Michigan jobs in the face of technological advancements and a growing need for skills-based training.

“Michigan will be more impacted by AI and automation than most states. Are we ready?” by Allison Burtka, Crain’s Detroit Business

A new report finds that Michigan will likely be uniquely impacted by the expansion of AI and automation due to its large manufacturing sector and union presence.


“Robotics manufacturing shows Michigan’s automation leadership” by Evan Jones, City Pulse 

Michigan currently leads the nation in manufacturing robots and hopes to lead in technological training as well, with Michigan colleges starting to provide automation training for the next generation of workers.



Eye on the Future: Gearing Up for the Jobs of Tomorrow by CBS 62

In this special news report that we recently featured in a CSS Digest post, CBS 62 discusses the changing future of employment and education in Michigan through exclusive interviews with Michigan-based companies and agencies.

Watch on CBS 62



“Putting the AI in Aviation” by RE: Engineering Radio

Professor Ella Atkins from the University of Michigan College of Engineering discusses how AI is changing the future of the aviation industry by increasing automation of aerial vehicles and systems while making flight safer overall.

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