The Center for Social Solutions is committed to establishing concrete solutions for our four initiatives. While these issues are relevant across the entire nation and in all corners of the world, it is also useful to examine their local presence in a specific location. Doing so can help us to better grasp the fact that no community is immune to these problems, and provide clarity when assessing the larger-scale version of these issues.

Today’s focus is the Diversity and Democracy initiative and its themes. To learn more about the effects and implications of diversity and inclusion issues in Michigan, take a look at the resources below.


“Voting in jail: Advocates work to make sure people in Michigan can cast a ballot” by Angie Jackson, Detroit Free Press
Despite being eligible voters, inmates awaiting trial or sentencing are often dissuaded from casting an absentee ballot in Michigan because of logistical hurdles and confusion. A new coalition of activists hopes to change the voting process to account for thousands of eligible inmates.

“Michigan’s racial disparity disappears in new virus cases” by Kim Kozlowski, Bridge Michigan
Although racial disparities in Michigan from COVID-19 were one of the nation’s highest at the start of the pandemic, concentrated efforts by the government have seen a recent diminishment of these disparities.

“Petition drive to prohibit LGBTQ discrimination moves forward another step” by Virginia Gordan, Michigan Radio
A petition to add anti-discrimination protection for LGBTQ people has now gained the necessary amount of signatures to have it passed by the state legislature or added to the ballot in 2022 if it is not approved by the state.

“Hijab removal for mugshot prompts federal lawsuit against Detroit City jail, MDOC” by James David Dickson, The Detroit News
A federal lawsuit filed against Detroit City jail and Michigan Department of Corrections alleges that correctional facilities violate religoius freedom and expression by asking Muslim women to remove their hijab for mugshots.


“Policing/Driving While Black” by American Black Journal DPTV (2020)
A thought-provoking episode of American Black Journal creates dialogue between law enforcement officers and community members about policing, protests, and safety in Detroit.


“Why absentee ballots get rejected and how to make sure yours isn’t” by Nell Ovit, Stateside
Many are choosing to vote via absentee ballot in Michigan for the upcoming election, but logistical hurdles cause thousands of ballots to get rejected every year.