The Center for Social Solutions is committed to establishing concrete solutions for our four initiatives. While these issues are relevant across the entire nation and in all corners of the world, it is also useful to examine their local presence in a specific location. Doing so can help us to better grasp the fact that no community is immune to these problems, and provide clarity when assessing the larger-scale version of these issues.


Today’s focus is the Diversity and Democracy initiative and its themes. To learn more about the effects and implications of diversity and inclusion issues in Michigan, take a look at the resources below.



“Detroit native, Cass Tech alum Michael R. Jackson wins Pulitzer for off-Broadway musical” by Julie Hinds, Detroit Free Press

Michael R. Jackson has become the first African-American playwright to win a Pulitzer prize for a musical. His work takes a close look at the intersection of race and sexuality by following the story of a young, black, gay playwrighter and was inspired by many of Jackson’s own experiences growing up in Detroit.


“Lifting Barriers to Care for Transgender and Non-Binary Patients” by Jina Sawani, Michigan Health

Transgender and non-binary patients often face significant barriers when accessing healthcare. Michigan Medicine is taking a new approach towards providing gender-affirming medication and care in order to create more equitable healthcare access in the region.    


“Demographic data for COVID-19 shows racial disparities higher in Michigan, but more data needed” by Caroline Llanes, Michigan Radio

Racial disparities in COVID-19 deaths and infection rates are higher in Michigan than in other states across the country. As more testing and demographic data becomes available, researchers hope to better understand the causes and effects of such disparities.


“The importance, and dearth, of black journalists is amplified right now” by Olive Scott, Michigan Radio

Newsrooms remain predominantly white across the country, often creating mistrust between journalists and communities of color. Recent protests across the country highlight how having more black journalists in the field would allow for better coverage of news stories regarding communities of color whose perspectives are often not captured notably or accurately in news cycles.


“Wayne County/Mental Health” by American Black Journal (2020)

Michigan experts discuss how the U.S. census has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and how racial violence is taking a toll on the mental health of black communities in this thought-provoking episode of American Black Journal.


“What explains Michigan’s large Arab American community?” by Sarah Cweik, MI Curious (2020)

This podcast takes a comprehensive look at Arab immigration to the United States to better understand the roots of Arab American communities in Michigan today.