Diversity and Democracy

“How the Coronavirus Crisis Threatens to Set Back Women’s Careers” by Lauren Weber and Vanessa Fuhrmans, Wall Street Journal
A troubling new study finds that 35% of women are considering dropping out of the workforce or dowstepping their careers as COVID-19 exacerbates pre-existing gender inequalities.

Slavery and Its Aftermath

“California was a free state. But there was still slavery. Now reparations are on the table.” by Gillian Brockell, Washington Post
California has become the first state to pass a law related to reparations. The new bill will establish a task force for looking into the often overlooked history of slavery in California and make reccomendations for state-funded reparations.

Water, Equity and Security

“After Wildfires Stop Burning, a Danger in the Drinking Water” by Max Horberry, The New York Times
Scientists warn that hazardous chemicals found in the drinking water of municipalities damaged by wildfires are not being accounted for in existing water safety measures. Without proper testing and guidelines, these chemicals risk the long-term health and safety of thousands of residents.

The Future of Work

“U.S. accused of violating international labor laws, forced-labor protections in new complaint” by Eli Rosenberg, Washington Post
Union leaders have filed a groundbreaking complaint with the United Nations labor agency, alleging that America’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic violates workers’ rights by coercing low-income and minority workers, in particular, to work under life-threatening conditions.



Slavery and Its Aftermath

“Diversity in the Nation’s Newsrooms/Journalists” by Stephen Henderson, American Black Journal DPTV (2020)
As part of the “Do Black Lives Matter in America?” series, this episode of American Black Journal examines media coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement and the role of Black journalists, in particular.



Diversity and Democracy

“Is It Time To Say R.I.P To ‘POC’” by Shereen Marisol Meraji and Natalie Escobar, Code Switch (2020)
This thought-provoking podcast explores the use of the term “People of Color,” the implications it can have for Black and Indigenous people, and why acronyms such as BIPOC are becoming more popularized.
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