Research assistant Camden Do is an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He has worked with the Center since May 2022 across various initiatives. Camden’s current project focuses on food insecurity in the U.S.:

“I’m currently working on recreating Feeding America’s ‘Map the Meal Gap’ so that we can measure food insecurity and the factors that influence it on a census-tract level.”

By applying the skills he learns through his computer science degree, Camden says his work at the Center inspires him “to make a difference and leave a positive impact and create something meaningful. I’ve been used to seeing computer science used to make new products and technology, but I’m inspired by the fact that I can use it to support a great mission here at the Center.”

After graduation, Camden plans to pursue work as a software engineer or data scientist. He hopes to find a position “and find a company where I can build something I’m passionate about.”

Outside of work? “I love working out, cooking, coffee, playing tennis, collecting shoes, and spending time with friends!”