New York Times article published January 8, 2023, featured comments from CSS Director Earl Lewis following his participation in a panel titled: "The Past, The Present and the Work of Historians." 

Dr. Lewis' comments follow the controversial remarks of fellow historian and past president of the American Historical Association, James Sweet, on the state of "presentism" in the current study of history.  Dr. Sweet's column in the University of Wisconsin - Madison magazine "Is History History?" expressed his discontent with the politcization of history and the "allure of political relevance" for other historians in the field.

While Dr. Sweet later apologized for his comments, historians in fields such as Black studies indicated their stance on the issue, including Dr. Lewis: "I think he intended it as a prick, but some folks felt it as a stab."

Learn more about this issue in the New York Times article by Jennifer Schuessler, linked below.