Parker Martin has been working at the CSS since May of 2023. As a new member of the staff, Parker is most looking forward to “exploring and analyzing the multitude of ways communities are conceptualizing and operationalizing reparations”. “There is a lot to learn from our community partners and their knowledge is invaluable for the battle against systemic oppression and the structures of white supremacy,” says Parker. 

As a doctoral intern, Parker will be working on the Crafting Democratic Futures (CDF) project. CDF creates and leverages a national network of college and university-based humanities scholars, working in partnerships with community-based organizations, to develop research-informed preparation plans for each location.

Prior to working at the Center, Parker graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Economics & Management. Upon graduation, he worked as a high school adviser with the Carolina College Advising Corps. Parker served in Wilson, NC, and worked to increase access to post-secondary opportunities for students from historically underserved communities. He also served as a coordinator for The Gentlemen’s Agreement, a local countywide mentoring program for young men of color. After service, Parker received his Master of Public Policy from Duke University. He held positions as a Research & Policy Analyst and worked on affordable housing, Black-owned business support, food access, agriculture, and disaster recovery in North Carolina. 

At the University of Michigan, his research is centered on race and ethnicity, with a focus on reparative social policies. Beyond research, he considers himself an avid sneakerhead, a Hip-Hop aficionado, and spends his free time drawing and producing music. 

We are excited to welcome Parker to our team at the Center for Social Solutions!