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The Center for Social Solutions strives to leverage the expert knowledge housed at the University of Michigan to connect with other institutions in order to devise practical solutions to prominent social issues. Your contribution to the Center advances this mission to protect the public interest, whether you choose to help us maintain our current operations or allow us to develop new programs. You can browse our funding options on the Leaders & Best website, or learn more about the specific funds your gift can support below:

The Center for Social Solutions Strategic Fund

The Strategic Fund advances the Center's core mission, enabling us to direct resources in support of our greatest needs, whether that be personnel, operating costs, or specific initiatives. Click here to donate.

Diversity Initiative Fund

The Diversity Initiative Fund expressly supports our race and diversity initiative, including our founding program, Our Compelling Interests. This initiative seeks to advance the understanding that diversity and inclusion are essential to sustaining democracy and contributing factors for a prosperous society. Your gift may also support future projects such as nationwide conversations and programming, or the development of an annual award that would recognize individuals, teams or institutions that have taken significant steps to advance diversity. Click here to donate.

Slavery Initiative Fund

The Slavery Initiative Fund sponsors our efforts to advance our social awareness of the history of slavery and its influence on the social issues we are confronting today. Conceivably, your gift might enable the production and dissemination of facts about slavery, and enable collaborative programming among historical, educational, media and cultural institutions. Click here to donate.

Water, Equity and Security Initiative Fund

The Water Fund finances the kickoff of our Water, Equity and Security initiative, the goal of which is to produce a socially-viable demonstrative model for transferring surplus water from flood-prone areas to drought-stricken regions. Your gift will empower us to gather an interdisciplinary team of engineers, city planners, tax experts, transportation analysts, and public policy experts that can begin brainstorming a sustainable solution to this pervasive issue. Click here to donate.

Future of Work Initiative Fund

The Future of Work Initiative Fund underwrites our efforts to craft solutions as we probe the meaning and dignity of labor in a highly automated world. Contributions will support national convnenings, educational tools, and projects that create interactive databases on global future work projects, as well as scalable, collaborative solutions to changes in the make up of work. Click here to donate.

Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund enables us to better support student positions within the Center—research associates, assistants, or interns—while providing valuable learning opportunities and career-building experiences. Your gift may also support research, event, and project grants for individual students, student groups, or other departments on-campus in areas that relate to the Center’s core initiatives. Click here to donate.