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Study Abroad & Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

It is possible for Sociology majors and minors to take courses at other institutions, transfer the credits to UM, and then count the credits toward major/minor requirements.  Transfering credit from other institutions may provide a valuable experience and may allow students the privilege of taking courses over summer terms or for courses which may not be offered at UM. 

Study Abroad

Sociology major Amanda Rhodes shows her UM pride at the Cliffs of Moher while studying abroad in Ireland.

Sociologists are increasingly involved in crafting the policies and programs that shape the world we live in today. Scholars in the field take seriously the idea that understanding one’s place and prospects in the world is informed by exposure to other societies. Hence, study abroad is an essential way to enrich one’s studies in sociology. Studying abroad provides an opportunity to explore how culture, social organization, social structures, and social interaction take place in vast and varied ways. Through study abroad, you can learn about how social problems are constituted differently in other societies, and how different kinds of solutions and possibilities are posed.