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Sociology & Social Work Submajor

SSW Submajor Requirements

Students have the option of adding a submajor in Sociology & Social Work to their Sociology major. Courses in the SSW submajor offer students a substantive and cohesive curriculum relating to issues at the intersection of sociology and social work, including the study of social and economic inequality, the amelioration of unmet human needs, and the empowerment of individuals and communities.

Additional Required Courses

SW 305 - Community Action and Social Change
SOC 225 - Project Community: Sociology in Action (any section)

Elective Credits

  • As a part of the major elective credits, students must complete at least 12 credit hours with a C- or better from the below list of approved courses
  • A minimum of 8 credits of which must be elected in the SSW submajor at the 300-level or above

Approved Sociology and Social Work Submajor Elective Courses:

SOC 203: Multiculturalism
SOC 204: International Migration
SOC 221: Social Inequality
SOC 233: Social Problems
SOC 250: Politics, Power, and Social Change
SOC 303: Race and Ethnicity
SOC 304: American Immigration
SOC 325: Project Community Advanced Practicum*
SOC 335: Urban Inequality
SOC 344: Sociology of Families
SOC 345: Sociology of Sexuality
SOC 354: Law and Society
SOC 368: Criminology
SOC 391: Sociology in Practice*
SOC 404: Latinos
SOC 422: Latin America
SOC 447: Sociology of Gender
SOC 455: Sociology of Religion
SOC 458: Sociology of Education
SOC 461: Social Movements
SOC 468: Inside-Out Prison Exchange*
SOC 488/489*: Community Organizing (only 489 is experiential)*

Students may also include the following courses with appropriate topics as approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies:

SOC 295: Topics in Sociology (1-4 credits)
SOC 394: Undergraduate Research (1-4 credits)*
SOC 395: Independent Study (1-4 credits)*
SOC 396: Undergraduate Internship (1 credit)*
SOC 495: Topics in Sociology (1-4 credits)

* Experiential Learning/Independent Study Classes

Current Term Sociology Submajor Courses

Credit/Plan Exclusions

A maximum of 4 elective credits in the subplan may come from Experiential Learning or Independent Study style courses. This includes but is not limited to SOC 325, 391, 394, 395, 396, 468, and 488. SOC 225 is a required experiential course and is not included in this limit.

The department will allow up to one course with significant sociological content related to Sociology and Social Work from other LSA departments or transfer institutions to be included in the submajor. Students interested in petitioning to include a non-SOC course or transfer course in their subplan should complete the course petition process which includes submitting a petition form and the course syllabus.

Students majoring in Sociology with a submajor in Sociology and Social Work are not permitted to elect a minor in Community Action and Social Change, or double major in Social Theory and Practice.

Sociology Major with SSW Sub-plan Example:

Prerequisite to declare - SOC 100 or 102 or 300 or 302 (choose one)
SOC 210 or STATS 250 (4 credits)
SOC 310 (4)
SOC 305 (4)
SW 305 (3)
SOC 225 Project Community (4)
SOC 300-level or higher course from approved Soc-SW list (3)
SOC 300-level or higher course from approved Soc-SW list (3)
SOC 300-level or higher course from approved Soc-SW list (4)
SOC 300-level or higher course from approved Soc-SW list (4)
33 total major credits