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Theorizing Processes of Neighborhood Change

Project description:

This research project focuses on processes of neighborhood change and the roles public policy and human perception play in understanding how we conceive of and respond to neighborhood change over time. That city’s change over time is uncontestable – urban histories are replete with evidence of urban growth, decay, and rebirth that play out in different patterns and at different paces across the country – but understanding the processes that drive these changes requires more research. To that end, this research position will support an ongoing research agenda focused on quantitative modeling of change processes with a focus on perceptions of crime in Los Angeles and the effects of public housing demolition in Chicago, in addition to other projects and tasks as they arise.

Description of work that will be assigned to research assistants:

(i.e. transcription, coding, preliminary analysis of data, etc.)
Search, review, and analysis of newspaper articles on Chicago regarding gentrification
Exploration of ways to visualize text trends from newspaper research
Literature review assistance on HOPE VI housing policy
Literature review assistance on relationship between perceptions and neighborhood change

- Supervising Faculty Member Elizabeth Bruch
- Graduate Student: Lydia Wileden
- Contact information: 413-687-3886
- Average hours of work per week: 3-9
- Range of credit hours students can earn:1-3
- Number of positions available: 1