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UM-Sociology Administrative Sites

Below you will find links to a number of different departmental online resources/websites, which are maintained for the internal use of sociology faculty, graduate students, and staff.  Some sites (marked with an *) have additional password protection and will prompt the user for log-in information.


Sociology Teaching Repository* - a place for sociology instructors at the University of Michigan to share and access high-quality materials related to teaching and learning.

Syllabi Archive* (2011-present)

Syllabi Archive (1999-2011)

Sociology Equipment Loans & Lab Reservation


Sociology Department Calendars (joinable)

The calendars listed below are available to departmental faculty and graduate students. They make it easier to track major events or to sign up for departmental resources. In order to access the calendars, log in to Google Calendar with your credentials. Under the "other calendars" header on the left-hand menu, select "Add a Friend's Calendar" from the pull down menu. In the text box, then type (or cut & paste) the name of the calendar listed below in bold. The calendar will then appear under "other calendars". You can toggle it on or off by clicking the colored box to the left of the calendar name.

Department of Sociology Major Events Calendar - listing faculty meetings, department events like graduation and other celebrations, and the dates for graduate recruitment and job talks

calendar name:

GSI office hour reservation calendars (please don't forget to put an end date on repeating event)

4247 GSI Office Hour Room

calendar name:

4249 GSI Office Hour Room

calendar name:

4253 GSI Office Hour Room

calendar name: