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Matthew Alemu
Graduate Student
Duane F. Alwin
Professor Emerius
Barbara A. Anderson
Ronald A. Freedman Collegiate Professor of Sociology and Population Studies
4101 LSA Building 734.763.1221
Shannon Ang
Graduate Student
Denise L. Anthony
Professor of Health Management & Policy and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
Wayne Baker
Robert P. Thome Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
Matthew Bakko
Graduate Student
Nicole Bedera
Graduate Student
Finn Bell
Graduate Student
Jeffrey Bilik
Graduate Student
Lacey Bobier
Graduate Student
Chalem Bolton
Graduate Student
Ian Bratcher
Graduate Student
Elizabeth E. Bruch
Associate Professor
4220 LSA Building 734.615.6969
Jamie Budnick
Graduate Student
W. Carson Byrd
NCID Scholar-in Residence
3149 LSA Building
Mark A. Chesler
Professor Emeritus
734.647.3654; 734.663.0532
Rebecca D. Christensen
Director of Engaged Learning & Lecturer
3112 LSA Building 734.647.6723
Anne Clark
Graduate Student
Tia Clinton
Graduate Student
Davis Daumler
Graduate Student
Gerald F. Davis
Gilbert and Ruth Whitaker Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
Raymond De Vries
Professor of Bioethics, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
Mercedez Dunn
Graduate Student
Shauna Dyer
Graduate Student
Jared Eno
Graduate Student
Jennifer Eshelman
Chief Administrator
3124 LSA Building 734.647.4437
Nicolaus Espitia
Graduate Student
Michael Fang
Graduate Student
W. Reynolds Farley
Otis Dudley Duncan Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Elly Field
Graduate Student
Taylor Field Quiroga
Graduate Student
LSA 3253
Jane Furey
Graduate Student
Neil Gong
Michigan Society of Fellows Assistant Professor
3155 LSA Building
Robert Groves
Professor Emeritus
Jeannie M. Hahl
Graduate Student
Yuan He
Graduate Student
Albert Hermalin
Professor Emeritus
Kimberly Hess
Graduate Student
Sam Hobson
Graduate Student
Vicky Horvath
Events Coordinator
3118 LSA Building 734.647.6895
James House
Angus Campbell Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Mikell Hyman
Graduate Student
Erin Ice
Graduate Student
Madeline Inglis
Program Assistant & Main Office
3115 LSA Building 734.764.6324
Lanora Johnson
Graduate Student
Chelle Jones
Doctoral Candidate
LSA Building, 4th Floor
Andrea Kelley
4142 LSA Building
Huiyun Kim
Graduate Student
Min Hee Kim
Graduate Student
Howard Kimeldorf
Professor Emeritus
3156 LSA Building
Anna R. Kirkland
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Women's Studies and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
204 South State Street 734-764-9537
John Knodel
Professor Emeritus
Erin Lane
Graduate Student
Dwight Lang
3147 LSA Building 734.763.0041
Richard Lempert
Eric Stein Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Law & Sociology
Jeremy R. Levine
Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies, and Assistant Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
815 Weiser Hall
Sandra R. Levitsky
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Associate Professor
4111 LSA Building 734.763.0066
Daniel Little
Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
Margo Mahan
LSA Collegiate Postdoctoral Fellow & Lecturer
4207 LSA Building
Andrei S. Markovits
Karl W. Deutsch Collegiate Professor of Comparative Politics & German Studies, and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
Peter Martel
Graduate Student
Karin A. Martin
Professor & Department Chair

3126 LSA Building (Chair's Suite)
3164 LSA Building (Faculty Office)
P J McGann
3212 LSA Building 734.764.6321
Terence McGinn
3218 LSA Building 734.647.3661
Lewis Miles
Graduate Student
Mark S. Mizruchi
Robert Cooley Angell Collegiate Professor of Sociology, Barger Family Professor of Organizational Studies, and Professor of Management and Organizations
4234 LSA Building 734.764.7444
Hailey Mooney
Librarian & Lecturer
209 Graduate Library
3146 LSA (Wed 2-4)
Martin Murray
Professor of Urban Planning and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
Gayl D. Ness
Professor Emeritus
Minha Noh
Graduate Student
Analidis Ochoa
Graduate Student
Sang Teck Oh
Graduate Student
Garrett Pace
Graduate Student
Jeffery M. Paige
Professor Emeritus
Angela Perone
Graduate Student
Adriana Ponce
Graduate Student
(734) 430-9140
Ellannee Rajewsky
Graduate Program Coordinator
Shebani Rao
Graduate Student
Ian Robinson
Lecturer & Associate Research Scientist
3209 LSA Building 734.763.1270
Richard Rodems
Graduate Student
Sonya O. Rose
Professor Emerita
Danae Ross
Graduate Student
Brian Rowan
Burke A. Hinsdale Collegiate Professor in Education and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
Kelly Russell
Graduate Student
Rebecca Russell
Sociology Major/Minor Advisor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator

3114 LSA Building
David Schoem
Director of Michigan Community Scholars Program & Adjunct Associate Professor
3210 LSA Building 734.764.3528
Howard Schuman
Professor Emeritus
Shannon Sheehan
Graduate Student
DeAnna Smith
Graduate Student
Margaret R. Somers
Professor Emerita of Sociology and History
4219 LSA Building 734.369-8922
Matthew Sullivan
Director of SOUL Program & Lecturer
3221 LSA Building 734.647.4231
Jeffrey Swindle
Doctoral Candidate
Valerie Taing
Graduate Student
Daniel Thiel
Graduate Student
Pinar Ustel
Graduate Student in Social Work and Sociology
Mira Vale
Graduate Student
Xiao Wang
Graduate Student
Chelsea Williams
Communications Coordinator
3155 LSA Building 734.936.2580
Jeannie Worrall
Executive Assistant to the Chair
3126 LSA Building 734.764.5554
Anna Wozny
Graduate Student
Yu Xie
Otis Dudley Duncan Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Statistics
Michael Ybarra
3147 LSA Building
Jesse Yeh
Graduate Student
Sarah Zelner
Postdoctoral Research Fellow & Lecturer
3107 LSA Building
Yang Zhang
Graduate Student
Todd Ziegler
Program Coordinator - Scholars Network & RICK Lab
3155 LSA Building 734.936.1573
Sara Zobl
Graduate Student
Sociology Office: 4112 LSA.

Mail should be sent to:
Weiser Hall
500 Church St., Suite 500
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1042