SOUL is the first department-level leadership program for first-generation college students at the University of Michigan.  In Sociology, we recognize that first-generation college students at the University of Michigan face unusual social, academic, and financial challenges.  But we also find that such students possess a unique set of qualifications and capabilities:  curiosity, conscientiousness, persistence, risk-taking – in a word, grit.  These are the characteristics of leaders.  The Department of Sociology has created a program designed to cultivate and support our first-generation leaders in Sociology. You are encouraged you to apply.

Members of the next SOUL cohort will receive the following opportunities:

  •  A position as a Research Assistant for the Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) and Department of Sociology ($15/hr). Conduct research on the needs of our first-generation majors—and help design solutions that respond to those needs.
  • Paid attendance at the BLI’s seven-week Leadership Lab (a hands-on, interactive workshop specially designed to help students interested in developing leadership skills) and all BLI special events. 
  • Access to BLI’s Capstone Experience - $10,000 plus alumni advice in developing and implementing a fresh idea.
  • Access to funding for summer opportunities, such as internships and summer abroad experiences.
  • A 2-credit Sociology class open only to SOUL participants designed to discuss issues of class stratification and social mobility, as well as hone professionalization skills.
  • Up to two hours a week of personalized tutoring for any required Sociology class.
  • A peer mentor (a first-generation graduate student) who can help navigate the challenges of balancing university and family life.

Who is eligible to apply?

To apply, you must:

  1. Be a Sociology major OR declare by the fall add/drop deadline
  2. Be a first-generation college student (meaning that neither one of your parents has a four-year college degree)

Why should you apply?

This is a unique resume-building opportunity, a potentially transformative personal experience, and a chance to participate in the formation of an innovative new program for first-generation college students at the University of Michigan. 

This is a rare opportunity and The Department of Sociology encourages you in the strongest possible terms to seize it.

How do you apply?

The application is easy to complete and available at the link below.  We are not looking for students with the highest grades or students who have joined the most student organizations.  We do not require letters of recommendation.  We are looking for students who want to be leaders in their communities, who view themselves as trailblazers, and/or who believe they have qualities that set them apart in some important way from most students at the University of Michigan. 

The application deadline is no later than May 31st, 2017.

SOUL Application Form