Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Major/Minor: B.A. Honors Sociology; Minors: Community Action and Social Change & Latina/Latino Studies

Campus Organizations: Latinidad Magazine (Co-founder), Student Community of Progressive Empowerment, La Casa, UROP, DEI Student Advisory Board

Let's get to know Daniel...

What inspired you to major in Sociology?

As someone who plans to get a Masters in Social Work, it made sense to study Sociology as an undergraduate. Before transferring to UM, I reached out to both undergraduate and graduate students to ask about their reasoning for studying Sociology. Sociology aligns my interests in enhancing my knowledge on how societal organizations functions, how cultural diversity has been shown through literature and how it has been improved, and how I can use this major as a foundation for the MSW program.

What classes have you most enjoyed? Why?

I have enjoyed all my SOC classes! The hardest class for me was SOC 305, but I still enjoyed it. However, SOC 310, SOC 205, SOC 404, and Honors have been my top classes because they have all provided some unique experiences. From understanding research, how Latin America is affected by the U.S, and how non-profits work.

Have you participated in an internship or research experience?

Before transferring, I participated in UROP's summer research programs. This past summer, I participated in the Public Policy International Affairs Program at UC-Berkeley.

Currently, I work with Jason De León on his Undocumented Migration Project. My role is photographing, creating promo video(s), and developing my own research project on the experiences of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients and how they make sense of their future.

What advice would you give to students considering a major in Sociology at UM?

Ask questions! If you are considering it, it must mean that something is grabbing your attention. By asking questions both to undergraduate and graduate students, and advisors about the benefits of the program you will eventually choose.

What do you hope to do after graduating from Michigan?

I deferred my spot in the Master In Social Work program here at Michigan for a year. During my gap year I hope to be a Public Policy Fellow through the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington D.C. Also, during my gap year I plan to travel and study for the GRE .

Where is the best place in Ann Arbor to get late-night study food?

It really depends. Bdubs, Cottage INN, and Good Time Charley’s are some fo the places I like.