Hometown: Bethesda, Maryland

Major/Minor: Honors Sociology (Sub-Plan: Law, Justice, and Social Change); History minor

Campus Organizations: Undergraduate Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, University Responses to Sexual Assault SURO Project, The “Passion Principle” SURO Project.

Let's get to know Brett...

What inspired you to major in Sociology?

One of the first steps towards social justice is being able to name and understand social problems. In sociology, I found a lens and skill set that allows me to do just that.

What classes have you most enjoyed? Why?

My favorite classes have been ones that involved conducting research. I had a great time working as a research assistant on faculty-led projects through SURO, and I also loved conducting my own research in Sociological Research Methods. Besides those courses, I also enjoyed Law & Society and Sociological Theory. Professors Levitsky and Zubrzycki have some great lectures up their sleeves!

Have you participated in an internship or research experience?

Last summer I interned with the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan doing legal intake, document review, and research. I have also had the privilege of working on two research projects here at UM. The first was the University Responses to Sexual Assault SURO Project, led by Professors Armstrong and Levitsky, and the second was the “Passion Principle” SURO Project led by Professor Cech.

What advice would you give to students considering a major in Sociology at UM?

Find a SURO project that interests you and stick with it! Research is super exciting, and SURO lets you do it with an inspirational group of professors, graduate students, and peers.

What do you hope to do after graduating from Michigan?

After graduating from Michigan, I hope to do research on mental health care accessibility. From there, I will try to figure out whether graduate school is right for me.

Where is the best place in Ann Arbor to get late-night study food?

I go for a late night pie from Cottage Inn!