The department would like to congratulate Sarah Angileri for being named the 2014 Eita Krom Prize Award Winner. Sarah will receive $500 as a prize for her paper "Facebook 'Imposters' and Unbounded Identities: Social Media and the Mediated Self."  

The Eita Krom Prize is awarded annually in memory of Eita Krom, a sociology major who died in an automobile accident in 1923, before receiving her degree. The award is intended not only to provide financial assistance to a promising sociology student, but also to encourage original and independent thinking about social issues. It carries a cash award of $500, which will be deposited to your student account in the next six weeks. Also, your name will be engraved on the department’s Eita Krom plaque, which records the history of award winners and hangs in the hallway of the LSA Building’s third floor.


The Krom Prize selection committee concluded that “Facebook Imposters and Unbounded Identities: Social Media and the Mediated Self” was a creative paper that aptly applied classic sociological theory and concepts to an important, timely, significant social endeavor to which more sociologists need to attend. On top of that, the paper was well-written and a pleasure to read.