"Since joining our department, Kathy has shown herself to be the most supportive peer, role model, and a friend to students in every incoming cohort... Kathy is the founding member and organizer of the Medical Sociology Group (MSG), currently the only active student-run workshop in our department... What Kathy recognized was our shared want for a safe space where we could discuss those wacky ideas that were not quite ready for prime time, rather needed some fleshing out among peers. To meet this need, we created a semi-structured venue for peer-to-peer mentorship where we regularly provide each other feedback on research and professional development. Over time and under Kathy’s leadership, we have aided each other in addressing the methodological challenges of our papers, workshopped several NSF proposals, participated in the recruitment of prospective medical sociologists, and prepared for job talks. Most importantly, we have built a strong community of budding health scholars within our department. None of this would have been possible without Kathy."

"From Recruitment events to GSB panels, Kathy provides helpful and honest advice and perspectives about the program. She continues to talk openly about her own experiences -- what worked and what did not work...her ability to balance her school work and department obligations with an active social life, not to mention choreographing her own dance with a school dance company, serves as a strong example and reminder of how being a successful sociologist is a marathon, not a sprint."