The Department of Sociology is very proud to announce that nine of our undergraduate Sociology majors have been invited to join the Alpha of Michigan Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. This year's class includes students expected to graduate this May, as well as August and December 2013 graduates, and a handful of truly exceptional juniors. The standards for acceptance are extremely high and are not based merely on the GPA but also on the overall quality of their academic programs and other criteria including second language proficiency and college-level mathematics or equally advanced quantitative work. No students with GPAs below 3.8 have been invited this year. There are only fifty juniors who have received invitations and their GPAs are all higher than 3.97.

Please join the department in congratulating the following invited students:

  • Raynann Caskey
  • Nicole Chen
  • Ayui Murata
  • Natasha Nanus
  • Ashley Scrimger
  • Michael Short
  • Colleen Smythe
  • Aashna Sunderrajan
  • Gladys Tan

Congratulations students!  We are very proud of your accomplishments!