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Comprehensive List of Placements

2017 Graduates

Armstrong, Elizabeth M. (joint: Social Work) - W '17 - Bridging the Intimate Partner Violence and Alcohol and Other Drug Services Fields (co-chairs: Beth Glover Reed & Elizabeth Armstrong) Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, University of Maine

Atwell, Jonathan - SU '17 - Family SES, Non-cognitive Skills and Achievement Inequality in Children's Early Life Course (co-chairs: Elizabeth Bruch & Mark Mizruchi) Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University

Bailey, Denise - W '17 - Teaching Preschool is Hard: Embodiment, Ideology, Fallibility and Futurity (chair: Karin Martin) Organizer, Graduate Employee Organization AFT-MI Local 3550

Chen, Patricia - SU '17 - Talk of Rights: The Rise and Fall of Collective Bargaining in Southern China (chair: Kiyoteru Tsutsui) Postdoctoral Fellow, Barger Leadership Institute, University of Michigan

2016 Graduates

Borchert, Jay - SU '16 - Prisoners, Prison Executives, and Correctional Officers: Three Explorations into the US Prison Experience During the Era of Mass Incarceration (co-chairs: David Harding & Jeffrey Morenoff)

Desan, Mathieu - SU '16 - "Order, Authority, Nation": Neo-Socialism and the Fascist Destiny of an Anti-Fascist Discourse (chair: George Steinmetz) Assistant Professor, University of Colorado - Boulder

Herbert, Claire - SU '16 - Property Rights in the Context of Urban Decline: Informality, Temporality, and Inequality (chair: Sandra Levitsky) Assistant Professor, Drexel University 

Morrell, Erica (joint: Public Policy) - SU '16 - The Politics of Food Policy: Knowledge, Power, and Participation in Two American Cities (co-chairs: Sandra Levitsky & Shobita Parthasarathy) Mellon C3 Postdoctoral Fellow, Middlebury College

Near, Christopher - SU '16 - Bridging the Income-Parenting Gap: Three Papers on the Interrelationships of Household Income, Parenting Resources, and Child Outcomes (co-chairs: Sarah Burgard & Yu Xie)

Reardon, Karen - SU '16 - Examining the Critical Role of Social Capital in Entrepreneurship: A Qualitative Study of Emerging Nonprofit Organizations (co-chairs: Renee Anspach & David Harding) Assistant Professor of Law, LaSalle University in Philadelphia, Department of Management and Leadership

Seeley, Lotus (joint: Women's Studies) - W '16 - Repairing Computers and (Re)producing Hierarchy: An Ethnography of Support Work and Status. (chair: Elizabeth Armstrong) Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Wathen, Maria (joint: Social Work) - SU '16 - Civic Culture Frameworks & Globalization: Implications for Social Services in Russia (co-chairs: Barbara Anderson & Mary Ruffolo) Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Loyola University - Chicago 

2015 Graduates

Bortoluci, Jose - Architectures of the People: Material and Cultural Politics of Housing in Sao Paulo, 1950-1995.

Bosk, Emily (joint: Social Work) - W '15 - All Unhappy Families: Standardization and Child Welfare Decision-Making. (co-chairs: Martin & Ruffolo) Assistant Professor of Social Work, Rutgers University

Cheng, Siwei (joint: Public Policy)- SU '15 - Unequal Origins, Unequal Trajectories: Social Stratification over the Life Course. (co-chairs: Corcoran & Xie) Assistant Professor, New York University.

Crider, Sara (joint: Social Work) - SU '15 - Race is a Paradox: How Students Make Sense of Structure and Agency in Inter- and Intra-group Dialogue. (co-chairs: Chesler & Spencer) Lecturer, Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology Department, Eastern Michigan University

Gould-Werth, Alix (joint: Social Work) - W '15 - Public Benefits and Private Safety Nets: Demographic Disparities in Resources Following Job Loss. (co-chairs: Burgard & Shaefer) Research, Mathematica Policy Research, Washington DC

Hawkins, Jaclynn (joint: Social Work) - W '15 - Social Determinants of Diabetes Self-Management and Health Care Use in African American and Latino Men with Type 2 Diabetes. (co-chairs: Burgard & Watkins) Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Michigan State University

Hirschman, Daniel – Inventing the Economy: Or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GDP. Assistant Professor of Sociology, Brown University

Leslie, Camilo - F '15 – Trustworthiness and Jurisdiction in the Stanford Financial Group Fraud. (co-chairs: Margaret Somers & George Steinmetz) Postdoctoral Fellowship, Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy, SUNY Buffalo Law School

Lin, Katherine - SU '15 - Life's a Balancing Act: How men and women experience the work-home interface across the life course. (chair: Burgard) Assistant Professor of Sociology, Dartmouth College 

Mound, Joshua – Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Economgy, Miami University

Schifeling, Todd - SU '15 Differentiation in Markets: A Study of Social Structure and Cultural Change. (chair: Mizruchi) Postdoctoral Fellowship, Erb Institute, University of Michigan

Small, Jamie – Infamous Harm: Legal Renderings of Men, Vulnerability, and Sexual Violence. Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work, University of Dayton

Whitlinger, Claire - SU '15 – The Transformative Capacity of Commemorating Violent Pasts: Examining the Commemoration of the “Mississippi Burning” Murders. (chair: Somers) Assistant Professor of Sociology, Furman University

Zhou, Xiang - Assitant Professor, Department of Government, Harvard University

2014 Graduates

Brower, Susan - W '14- Daily Activities and Couples? Relationship Quality. (co-chairs: Morenoff & Smock) State Demographer, Minnesota State Government

Closson Torres, Jennifer - W '14 - Negotiating care: The role of lactation consultants and doulas in the medical maternity system. (chair: Martin) Research Scientist, Michigan Public Health Institute

Douglas-Siegel, Jonah (joint: Social Work) - F '14 - Prisoner Reentry, Parole Violations, and the Persistence of the Surveillance State (co-chairs: Danziger & Morenoff)

Funk, Russell - SU '14 - Essays on Collaboration, Innovation, and Network Change in Organizations. (chair: Owen-Smith) Assistant Professor of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship at Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

Greenland-Rose, Fiona - SU '14 - Ruling Culture: Tomb Robbers, State Power, and the Struggle for Italian Antiquities. (co-chairs: Parthasarathy & Zubrzycki)  Associate Research Director, Neubauer Collegium, The Department of Art History, The University of Chicago

Grundy, Saida - The Making of Men: The Institutionalization of Class and Masculinity at a Historically Black College for Men.  Assistant Professor in Sociology and African-American Studies at Boston University.

Hoppe, Trevor - From Sickness to Badness: Enforcing Michigan HIV Law as a Site of Social Control. Postdoctoral fellow in Criminology, Law and Society Department at the University of California at Irvine. 

Lai, Qing - SU '14 - World Culture and Individual Life Course. (chair: Xie) Assistant Professor, Department of Gobal & Sociocultural Studies, School of International and Public Affairs at Florida International University.

Osbakken, Stephanie - SU '14 - Gendered Intersections: Negotiating Power, Status, and Symbolic Boundaries in Interdisciplinary Science. (co-chairs: Anspach & De Vries)  Lecturer, Department of Sociology, the University of Texas at Austin.

Rochmes, Jane (joint: Public Policy) - SU '14 - Teachers’ Beliefs About Students’ Social Disadvantage: Exploring High School Contexts and Teachers’ Influence on the Achievement Gap. (co-chairs: Cohen & Harding) Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford School of Education and Center for Education Policy Analysis.

Said, Atef - F '14 - The Tahrir Effect: History, Space, and Protest in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. (chair: Steinmetz) Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Illinois-Chicago

Sanhueza, Guillermo (joint: Social Work) - F '14 - Exploring correlates of Prison Violence in Chilean Prisions: Examining Nationwide, Administrative Data. (co-chairs: Delva & Harding)

Wodtke, Jeff - SU '14 - Class Structure and Income Inequality in America, 1983-2010. (co-chairs: Harding & Xie) Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto.

2013 Graduates

Andrews, Matthew - W '13 - Refashioning the Intimate: Race and Personal Relationships in Contemporary Multiracial Filipino America (co-chairs: Somers & Young) Program Manager in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, University of California - Berkeley.

Ard, Kerry – Changes in Exposure to Industrial Air Pollution Across the United States from 1995 to 2004: The Role of Race, Income and Segregation. (Chair: Burgard) Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University, School of Environment and Natural Resources

Bringewatt, Elizabeth (joint: Social Work) - SU '13 - Making Sense of the Label: What Emerging Adults Can Tell Us About Growing Up with a Mental Health Diagnosis. (co-chairs: Martin & Ruffolo) Research Scientist at Child Trends

Chang, Yufen - SU '13Emulation, Differentiation, and Syncretization Colonial Vietnam's Development of National Written Language, National Literature, and National Learning, 1900-1945.(chair: Steinmetz) Postdoctoral Fellow, National University of Singapore's Asia Research Institute

Cooter, Amy - W '13 - Americanness, Masculinity, and Whiteness: How Michigan Militia Men Navigate Evolving Social Norms. (chair: Zubrzycki) Lecturer, Vanderbilt University

Cotton-Nessler, Natalie - Skill in Interpersonal Networks. (co-chairs: Davis & Mizruchi) Assistant Professor of Management, Bentley University

Craciun, Mariana - F '13 - Embodied Expertise: The Science and Affect of Psychotherapy. (chair: Owen-Smith). Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University Science in Human Culture and Sociology Department

Dennis, Mary Kate (joint: Social Work) - W '13 –  Health Insights of Oglala Lakota Elders: From Wellness to Illness.( co-chairs: Chadiha, Gocek & Spencer) Assistant Professor, University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare

Farkas, Maria - Assistant Professor, School of Business, Imperial College London

Garrido, Marco - SU '13 – Urban Fragmentation and Class Contention in Metro Manila. (chair: Paige) Assistant Professor, University of Chicago, Department of Sociology

Gauthier, Christopher - SU '13 - Reproducing and Resisting Whiteness in a Quasi-Desegregated Suburban High School: An Ethnographic Field Analysis.(chair: Young) Concord River Institute 

Jennings, Elyse - SU '13 - Marital Dissolution in South Asia: Empirical Tests of New Theoretical Frameworks. (chair: Axinn) Research Associate, Harvard Center for Population and Development Studes

Kwak, Minyoung (joint: Social Work) - W '13 - The Receipt of Care and Depressive Symptoms in Later (co-chairs: Burgard & Ingersoll-Dayton) Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Lavelle, Bridget (joint: Public Policy) - W '13 - Life Course Transitions and Instability in Health Insurance Coverage.(co-chairs: Danziger & Xie) Senior Research Manager, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Lei, Ya-Wen - F '13- Uncovering the Roots of the Nationwide Counterpublic Sphere in China (chair: Krippner) Assistant Professor, Harvard University

Long, Yan - Constructing Political Actorhood: The Emergence and Transformation of the AIDS Movement in China, 1989-2009. (Chairs: Armstrong/Zheng) Assistant Professor of International Studies, School of Global and International Studies, Indiana University - Bloomington

Mu, Zheng - F '13 - Three Papers on Marriage and Family in China. (chair: Xie) Assitant Professor, National University of Singapore

Pierotti, Rachael - F '13 Gender Ideologies: Insights into Health and Demographic Behaviors. (chair: Burgard) Researcher, The World Bank

Rosales, Teri - F '13 - Social Patterning of Health Risk Behaviors: the Mediating Roles of Exposure to Childhood Adversity. (co-chairs: Kessler, Smock & Williams) Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan

Rott, Leslie - F '13 - Stretched to the Limit: Organization for Short Statured People and the Management of Stigma.(chair: Anspach) Health Data Analyst & Client Liaison, HealthCall of Detroit

Schoolman, Ethan - SU '13 - How Personal is the Political? Understanding Socially Responsible Consumption. (chair: Kimeldorf).  Assistant Professor, Department of Human Ecology, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University

Streib, Jessi - W '13 - The Power of the Past: Class, Marriage, and Intimate Experiences with Inequality.(chair: Young) Assistant Professor, Duke University

Van Alstyne, Andrew - SU '13 - From Social Movements to Non-Governmental Organizations: Civil Society and Local Environmental Governance Under Fordism and Neoliberalism. (co-chairs: Paige & Gould). Assistant Professor of Sociology at Southern Utah University.

2012 Graduates

Ann V. Bell - SU '12 – Conceiving Infertility: How Social Class Shapes Infertile Experiences. (co-chairs: Anspach & Martin) Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

Campbell, Rosalyn (joint: Social Work) - W '12 – When Money Isn't the Issue: Socio-Cultural Factors in Help-Seeking among Black Americans with Depression. (chairs: Anspach & Taylor) Assistant Professor of Social Work, University of Georgia

Farooqi, Salik Hameed - F '12 - Lost at Inception: A Sociological Analysis of Development Effectiveness. (chair: Gocek) Manager and Program Analyst, U.S. Agency for International Development

Flores, David - SU '12 – Political Soldiers: Sources of Iraq War Veteran Support and Opposition to War. (chair: Kimeldorf) Research Social Scientist, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Gough, Margaret - SU '12 – Consequences of Family Events: Three Papers on Family Change and Subsequent Outcomes. (chair: Xie) Assistant Professor, University of La Verne

Han, Yoon Sun (joint: Social Work) - SU '12 – Mental Health and Health-Risk Behaviors in Adolescence:  An Examination of Social Relationships. (co-chairs: Grogan-Kaylor & Xie) Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Hopewell, Kristen - SU '12 – Shifting Power: The Rise of Brazil, India and China at the WTO. (chair: Paige) Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy, University of Edinburgh

Hutson, David J.  - SU '12 – Training Bodies, Building Status: Health, Physical Capital, and the Negotiation of Difference in the U.S. Fitness Industry. (chair: Martin) Assistant Professor, Penn State University

Hwang, Sun Jae - W '12 – Socioeconomic Polarization and Personal Well-Being under Neoliberal Restructuring: Implications of South Korea after the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. (chair: Xie) Assistant Professor, Chungnam National University

Jiang, Yang - F '12 - An Examination of the Formation and Characteristics of Interracial Romantic Relationships among Adolescents in the United States. (co-chairs: Harding & Smock).  Senior Research Associate, Columbia University, National Center for Children in Poverty

Laubepin, Frederique - SU '12 – Experiments in Punishment: Explaining Differences in the Scope of Penal Sanctioning in the American States. (chair: Morenoff) Instructional Designer, School of Public Health, University of Michigan

Lim, Alwyn - SU '12 – The Global Expansion of Corporate Social Responsibility: Emergence, Diffusion, and Reception of Global Corporate Governance Frameworks. (co-chairs: Mizruchi & Tsutsui) Assistant Professor, University of Southern California

Paul, Anju M. (joint: Public Policy) - F '12 - Multinational Maids: Multistate Migration among Aspring Filipino Migrant Domesti Workers (co-chairs: Corcoran & Gocek) Assistant Professor, Yale-NUS College in Singapore

Saruya, Hiroe - F '12 – Protests and Democracy in Japan: The Development of Movement Fields and the 1960 Anpo Protests. (chair: Steinmetz)  Assistant Professor, Sophia University, Sociology

Torres, David Diego - SU '12 - Condition for Effective Knowledge Acquisition. (chair: Harding) Postdoctoral Fellow, Rice University

2011 Graduates

Astor, Avraham - SU '11 – Mobilizing against Mosques: The Origins of Opposition to Islamic Centers of Worship in Spain. (co-chairs: Kimeldorf & Somers) Fellow, Department of Sociology, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Bane, Mandi - W '11 – Social Change in the Neoliberal Era: The Indigenous Movement in Saquisili, Ecuador. (chair: Paige) Research Analyst, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Chen, Lulu - W '11 – The Economic Integration of Foreign-Educated Immigrants: A Test of Classical Assimilation. (chair: Xie) Statician, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington D.C.

DeFreece Jr., Alfred - F '11 – Black Visions through Colorblind Frames: Opposition in the Obama Era - A Discursive Exploration of Black Urban Adolescent Ideology. (chair: Young) Full Time Faculty, Oakland Community College

Eide, Eric - SU '11 – Industrial Upgrading in India's Information Technology Enabled Service Industry.(chair: Paige) Director of International Trade, Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Gates, Alice B. (joint: Social Work) - SU '11 – Narrowing the Citizenship Gap for Undocumented Immigrants: A Case Study of the Mid-Michigan Worker Center. (co-chairs: Root & Somers) Visiting Assistant Professor of Social Work, University of Portland

Gerber, Alexandra - SU '11 – Being Polish/Becoming European: Gender and The Limits of Diffusion in Polish Accession to the European Union. (co-chairs: Kennedy & Zubrzycki)

Hirschfield, Laura - F '11 – Authority, Expertise, and Impression Management: Gendered Professionalization of Chemists in the Academy. (chair: Martin) Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Education, University of Illinois - Chicago

Jirek, Sarah Lee (joint: Social Work) - SU '11 – Posttraumatic Growth in the Lives of Young Adult Trauma Survivors: Relationships with Cumulative Adversity, Narrative. (co-chairs: Martin & Saunders) Assistant Professor, Westmont College

Joseph, Tiffany - W '11  Race and Making American in Brazil: How Brazilian Return Migrants Negotiate Race in the US and Brazil. (co-chairs: Burgard & Young) Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Scholar, Harvard University; Assistant Professor, SUNY-Stony Brook

Kang, Jin-Yeon - SU '11 – Nation, State, and People: Colonialism and the Formation of Divided Nation-States in Korea. (chair: Kimeldorf) 

Killewald, Alexandra Achen (joint: Public Policy) - W '11 – What Money Buys and Family Costs: Three Papers on the Work-Family Intersection. (co-chairs: Xie & Danziger) Professor, Harvard University

King, Katherine (joint: Public Policy) - F '11 – Biological, Psychosocial, and Social Capital Implications of the Neighborhood Built Environment. (co-chairs: House & Morenoff) Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Community and Family Medicine, Duke University

Lee, Byung Ho - F '11 – Forging the Imperial Nation: Imperialism, Nationalism, and Ethnic Boundaries in China's Longue Duree. (co-chairs: Anderson & Lee) Visiting Scholar, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

Luna, Zakiya – Domesticating Human Rights: Possibilities and Ambiguities in the Emerging Reproductive Justice Movement. (co-chairs: Cole & Somers) Assistant Professor, University of California-Santa Barbara

Pradhan, Meeta Sainju - SU '11 – Social Exclusion and Social Change: Access To, and Influence of, Community-Based Collective Action Programs in Nepal. (chair: Axinn) Director, Himalayan Program at the Mountain Institute

Pula, Besnik - W '11 – State, Law, and Revolution: Agrarian Power and the National State in Albania, 1850-1945. (chair: Steinmetz) Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science at Virginia Tech

Scherrer, Kristin - SU '11 – The Intergenerational Family Relationships of Grandparents and GLBQ Grandchildren. (co-chairs: Dunkle & Martin) BSSW Program Director and Associate Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Wyse, Jessica (joint: Public Policy) - F '11 – Race, Gender and the Administration of Justice in a Community Corrections System. (co-chairs: Morenoff & Thacher) Off-Campus Research Affiliate, Institute for Social Research Population Studies Center, University of Michigan

Yarger, Jennifer (joint: Public Policy) - F '11 – Three Essays Examining Social Determinants of Fertility Attitudes and Behavior: Evidence from Longitudinal Studies. (co-chairs: Barber & Corcoran) Project Director, Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of California- San Francisco

Zelner, Jonathan (joint: Public Policy) - W '11 –Integrating Social and Biological Processed to Understand the Origins and Dynamics of Gastrointestinal Illness Outbreaks. (co-chairs: House & Eisenberg) Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Center for Sociology Epidemiology and Population Health, University of Michigan School of Public Health.

2010 Graduates

Buyukokutan, Baris - SU '10 – Dynamics of Politicization in the Twentieth-Century U.S. Poetry Field.(chair: Steinmetz) Assistant Professor, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Buhr, Maria Helena - F '10 – Network Dynamics in Small Business Financing: Institutional Changes and Transformations of Inter-organizational Relations. (chair: Owen-Smith) Data Scientist, Tagged, Incorporated, San Francisco, CA

Dai, Haijing (joint: Social Work) - SU '10 – Social Capital in the "New Socialist Countryside": Guanxi  Community Solidarity  and Resistance in Two Post-Socialist Chinese Townships. (co-chairs: Checkoway & Lee) Associate Professor of Social Work, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Emens, Amie - SU '10 – Three Essays on the Intergenerational Transmission of Family Attitudes and Behaviors. (chair: Barber)  Senior Research Analyst in Public Health Research, National Opinion Research Center, University of Chicago

Forbes, Melissa (joint: Public Policy) - F '10 – Climate Change ‘Resolution:’ Dynamics of Shareholder Engagement Between U.S. Firms and Investors. (co-chairs: Mizruchi & Rabe) Presidential Management Fellow, Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Risk Management and Analysis, Washington D.C.  

Gilster, Megan (joint: Social Work) - F '10 – Neighborhood Activism in Context: Three Studies of the Neighborhood Antecedents and Individual Effects of Participation in Neighborhood Activism. (co-chairs: Morenoff & Spencer) Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, The University of Iowa

Greiger, Lloyd (joint: Public Policy) - F '10 – Three Essays Examining the Behavioral and Socioeconomic Transition to Adulthood in the United States and Africa: Evidence from Longitudinal Studies. (co-chairs: Xie & Danziger) Assistant Professor, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University

Horner, Pilar (joint: Social Work) - W '10 – Labor Control and Worker Identity Meaning Making:  The Culture of Motherhood and Education. (co-chairs: Smock & Staller) Associate Professor of Social Work, Michigan State University

Johnson, Maria (joint: Public Policy) - F '10 – Through a Daughter’s Eyes: Understanding the Influences of Black Fathers on Their Daughters. (co-chairs: Young & Danziger) Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, University of Delaware.

Jun, Heejin - W '10 – Formation of the Modern Literary Field: Intersection of Gender and Coloniality in Korean History. (chair: Gocek) Postdoctoral Fellow, Brain Korea 21 Program, Yonsei University

Karb, Rebecca (joint: Social Work) - F '10 – Neighborhood Social and Physical Environments and Health: Examining Sources. (co-chairs: Morenoff & Grogan-Kaylor) Physician 

Kazyak, Emily - SU '10 – The Space and Place of Sexuality: How Rural Lesbians and Gays Narrate Identity. (chair: Martin) Assistant Professor of Sociology and Women's & Gender Studies, University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Kelso, Michelle - F '10 – Recognizing the Roma: A Study of the Holocaust as Viewed in Romania.(co-chairs: Anspach & Kennedy) Assistant Professor of Sociology and International Affairs, George Washington University

Link, Cynthia - F '10 – Husbands Wives and In-Laws: Family Dynamics and Childbearing Behavior in Nepal. (chair: Axinn) Customer Insight at Saks Fifth Avenue

Murphy, Margaret - F '10 – Medicalization of Birth: The Social Construction of Cesarean Section. A Qualitative Analysis. (chair: Anspach) Research Area Specialist, Enabling Technologies, University of Michigan Medical School

Niclett, Emily N–  Diabetes Health and Disability Pathways: Racial/Ethnic Socioeconomic  and Gender Disparities. (co-chairs: Anspach & Liang) Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, University of Michigan 

Pineda, Daniela (joint: Public Policy) - F '10 – A Federal Intervention to Improve Latino College Participation: Evidence from the Title V Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program. (co-chairs: Young & Danziger) Vice President for Integration and Learning, Living Cities

Roberts, Christopher (joint: Public Policy) - F '10 – Exploring Fractures within Human Rights: An Empirical Study of Resistance. (co-chairs: Somers & Waltz) Associate Professor of Law, University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

Rose, Daniel J. - F ' 10 – Captive Audience?:  Strategies for Getting Food and Physical Activity in Two Detroit Neighborhoods. (chair: Anspach)  Assistant Professor, Chattanooga State Community College

Ross, Karen (joint: Public Policy) - F '10 - Charter Schools and Segregation: The Cases of Michigan and North Carolina.(co-chairs: Cohen, Young & Xie)

Saeed, Sadia - F '10 – Politics of Exclusion: Muslim Nationalism State Formation and Legal Representations of the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan. (chair: Steinmetz) Associate Research Scientist, Yale University

Seefeldt, Kristin (joint: Public Policy) - SU '10 – Three Essays on Women, Low-wage Work, and Economic Well-being. (co-chairs: Danziger & Smock) Assistant Professor, School of Public Health and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University-Bloomington

Thrall, Jeannie - W ' 10 – Strategic Parenting: Making the Middle Class through Distinction and Discipline. (co-chairs: Martin & Steinmetz) 

2009 Graduates

Ailshire, Jennifer - SU '09 – The Social Determinants of Obesity. (co-chairs: House & Morenoff)  Assistant Professor, Andrus Gerontology Center, University of Southern California

Bader, Michael - SU '09 – Spatial and Temporal Contexts of Neighborhood Environments in Metropolitan Chicago. (chair: Morenoff) Assistant Professor, American University

Charbeneau, Jessica - W '09 – Enactments of Whiteness in Pedagogical Practice: Reproducing and Transforming White Hegemoney in the University Classroom. (chair: Chessler)

Clarno, Andrew James  - W '09 – The Empire’s New Walls: Sovereignty, Neo-Liberalism, and the Production of Space in Post-Apartheid South Africa and Post-Oslo Palestine/Israel. (co-chairs: Steinmetz & Gocek) Assistant Professor, University of Illinois-Chicago

Fein, Lisa - F '09 – Negotiating Integration in a Nationalizing State: Contested Boundaries of Belonging in Estonia. (co-chairs: Anderson & Kennedy) Associate Professor, Westminster College

Hammock, Amy (joint: Social Work) - SU '09 – Everybody's so Different and yet Everybody has this Common Bond: Identity Construction, Exploration, and Negotiation among Adolescents in Two Youth Development Programs. (co-chairs: Martin & Yoshihama) Assistant Professor of Public Health, State University of New York - Stonybrook

Mendoza, Christina - W '09 – Crossing Borders: Women, Migration, and Domestic Work at the Texas-Mexico Divide. (co-chairs: Lal & Rose) Instructor of Sociology, Chabot College

Mitchell, Colter - F '09 – Three Essays on Worldviews, Autonomy and the Family in Nepal. (chair: Thornton) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Research on Child Wellbeing and the Office of Population Research, Princeton University

Luke, Katherine Pavelka (1974-2009) (joint: Social Work) - SU '09 – Gender, Heterosexuality, Sexual Violence and Identity among Heavy-Drinking White and Asian American College Students. (co-chairs: Martin & Reed) Former Fellow at the Addiction Research Center, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan

Pfeffer, Carla - SU '09 – Trans(Formative) Relationships: What We Learn About Identities, Bodies, Work and Families from Women Partners of Trans Men. (co-chairs: Martin & Newton) Assistant Professor of Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies, University of South Carolina

Saito, Hirohisa - SU '09 – Intimations of Cosmopolitanism: The Education of Japanese Youth in a Global World. (co-chairs: Kennedy & Adams) Singapore Management University

Williams, Nathalie - F '09 – Living with Conflict: The Effect of Community Organizations, Economic Assets, and Mass Media Consumption on Migration during Armed Conflict. (chair: Axinn) Associate Professor, University of Washington

Wong, Erica Ryu - F '09 – Can Religion Trump Race? Interracial Friendship in Protestant Churches. (chair: Mizruchi)

2008 Graduates

Bilici, Mucahit - SU '08 – Finding Mecca in America: American Muslims and Cultural Citizenship. (chair: Gocek) Associate Professor, John Jay College, City University of New York

Decoteau, Claire Laurier - F '08 – Bio-Politics of HIV/AIDS in Post-Apartheid South Africa Part 1 & 2. (chair: Steinmetz) Associate Professor, University of Illinois – Chicago

Dobbie, David S. (joint: Social Work) - SU '08 – More Than the Sum of Their Parts?  Labor-Community Coalitions in the Rust Belt. (co-chairs: Kimeldorf & Reisch) 

Fessler, Kathryn Bondy - F '08 –Reclaiming a Spoiled Maternal Identity: Young Mother’s Experiences and Rejection of Stigma (chair: Chesler) Pediatrics, Corner Health Center

Fleischer, Anne Bowers – The Creation and Performance of Classification Schemes: Rating Systems in United States Broker-Dealers 1993-2000. (co-chairs: Ahuja & Mizruchi) Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Hevenstone, Debra (joint: Public Policy) - F '08 – Labor Market Inequality and Atypical Employment. (chair: Xie) Senior Researcher, University or Bern & University of Zurich

Lewis-McCoy, Ronald L’Hereaux (joint: Public Policy) - W '08 – Educational Inequality in an Affluent Setting: An Exploration of Resources and Opportunity.  (co-chairs: Young & Cohen) Associate Professor, Sociology and Black Studies, City College of New York of the City University of New York

Lee-Rife, Susan M. - SU '08 – Household Disruption and Sexual Victimization Among Young South Africans. (co-chairs: Smock & Featherman) Owner and Consulting Social Demographer, Lee-Rife Research

Meyer, Rachel E. - F '08 – Perpetual Struggle: Sources of Working Class Identity and Activism in Collective Action. (chair: Kimeldorf) Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies and Lecturer, Harvard University 

Potts, Blyden B.- W '08 – The Relational Bases of Lifestyle Similarity and Clustering of Local Populations (chair: Mizruchi) Self Employed at Endleofan

Saunders, Tanya L. - F '08 – The Cuban Remix: Rethinking Culture and Political Participation in Contemporary Cuba Parts 1 & 2. (co-chairs: Rose & Young) Associate Professor, Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Research, University of Florida

Sternthal, Michelle (joint: Public Policy) - F '08 – The Social Determinants of Health Disparities: The Role of Social and Temporal Contexts. (co-chairs: Morenoff & Danziger) Deputy Director of Policy and Government Affairs at Main Street Alliance

Thomas, Barbara Carlette (joint: Social Work) - F '08 –"The Childhood Shows the Man, as Morning Shows the Day" (Milton, 1671): Three Essays on Childhood Maltreatment, Current Social Relationships and Physical Health. (co-chairs: Anspach & Dunkle) Data Analyst, Chicago School District

Zhu, Haiyan - F '08 – Three Essays on Health, Aging and the Family in Contemporary China. (chair: Xie) Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

2007 Graduates

Bergstrom-Lynch, Cara A. - SU '07 – Becoming Parents, Remaining Childfree: How Same-Sex Couples Are Creating Families and Confronting Social Inequalities. (chair: Martin) Associate Professor, Eastern Connecticut State University

Brauner-Otto, Sarah R. - F '07 – Health Services, Schools, Attitudes, and Contraceptive Use.(chair: Axinn) Assistant Professor, McGill

Corning, Amy D. - W '07 – When the Past Is Another Country: The Impact of Emigration on Memories. (co-chairs: House & Schuman) Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Gowda, Byrapatna Murthy Chandana - SU '07– Development, Elite Agency and the Politics of Recognition in Mysore State, 1881-1947. (co-chairs: Paige & Steinmetz) Professor, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, India

Greenman, Emily K. (joint: Public Policy) - F' 07 – Intersecting Inequalities: Four Essays on Race, Immigration, and Gender in the Contemporary United States. (co-chairs: Corcoran & Xie) Administrator, Penn State Federal Statistical Research Data Center

Keskin Kozat, Burcak - W '07 – Negotiating Modernization Through U.S. Foreign Assistance: Turkey’s Marshall Plan (1948-1952) Re-interpreted. (chair: Gocek) Associate Director, Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies, Stanford University

Lerner, Jennifer E. - F '07 – Making Sense of the Critical Curriculum. (co-chairs: Kimeldorf & Adams) Associate Vice President for E-learning, North Virginia Community College

Padamsee, Tasleem Juana - F '07– Infusing Health into the Welfare State. (co-chairs: Anspach & Adams) Assistant Professr, Health Services Management and Policy, Ohio State University

Sommerfield, David Henry (joint: Social Work) - F '07 – Environmental Influences on Local Nonprofit and For-Profit Market Structure:  A National Study of the Nursing Home Industry. (co-chairs: Mizruchi & Tucker) Assistant Project Scientist, UC San Diego

Woodward, Amanda Toler (joint: Social Work) - SU '07 – Help-Seeking for a Mental Disorder: Understanding the Use of Professional Services and Informal Support Using the National Survey of American Life. (co-chairs: Taylor & Williams) Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Michigan State University

Willis, Deborah - W '07 - Overweight Black, White, and Hispanic Girls: The Relationship of SES, Religion, and Self-Esteem. (co-chairs: Wallace & Williams) 

2006 Graduates

Altschul, Inna (joint: Social Work) - F '06 – Establishing an Evidence Base for Policy & Program Intervention: Testing a Combined Model of Family, School, and Student Factors Underlying the Academic Outcomes of Mexican American Youth. (chairs: Gutierrez & Young) Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Denver

Carter III, George R. - W '06 – From Exclusion to Destitution: Race, Affordable Housing, and Homelessness. (co-chairs: Morenoff 7 Young) Social Science Analyst at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Chae, Ou-Byung - F '06 – Non-Western Colonial Rule and Its Aftermath: Postcolonial State Formation in South Korea. (chair: Steinmetz) Assistant Professor, Kookmin University, Korea

Ford, Kristie A. - W '06 – Masculinity, Femininity, Appearance Ideals, and the Black Body: Developing a Positive Raced and Gendered Bodily Sense of Self. (chair: Martin) Associate Professor, Skidmore College

Ha, Jung-Hwa (joint: Social Work) - W '06– Determinants and Consequences of Changing Social Support Following Late-Life Widowhood. (co-chairs: House/Ingersoll-Dayton) Assistant Professor, School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago

Leach, Darcy K. - W '06 – The Way is the Goal: Ideology and the Practice of Collectivist Democracy in German New Social Movements. (chair: Kimeldorf) Associate Professor, Bradley University

Leech, Tamara G.J. - F '06 – Sex, Violence, Man, Woman: Adolescent Health Risk Behavior from a Contextual Resource Perspective. (co-chairs: House & Morenoff) Associate Professor, Indianapolis University-Purdue

Perelli-Harris, Brienna G. - F '06 – Social Change and Behavior: Fertility Decline in post-Soviet Ukraine and Russia. (co-chairs: Anderson & Axinn) Associate Professor, University of Southampton

Perez, Anthony (joint: Public Policy) - F '06 – Muddy Waters: The Fluidity and Complexity of Racial and Ethnic Identification in the U.S. (chair: Xie) Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

Robinson, Keith Dion - F '06 – Achievement Inequality Across K-12 Schooling. (chair: Xie) Assistant Professor, University of Texas
Stone, Amy L. - SU '06 – More than Adding a T: Transgender Inclusion in Michigan Gay Rights Ordinances, 1992-2000. (chair: Martin) Associate Professor, Trinity University


2005 Graduates

Blackwood, Thomas Stephen - F '05 – Through Sweat and Tears: High School Baseball and the Socialization of Japanese Boys. (co-chairs: Martin & Adams) Professor, Tokyo International University

Cancio, Jennifer Ann - W '05 – Parental Employment and the Parent-Child Relationship: Understanding the Work-Family Experience. (chair: Thornton) Proprietor, BodySync Pilates Studio

Custer, Lindsay A - W '05 – Negotiating Cultural Differences: The Division of Household Labor and Marital Quality in American-Japanese Intermarriages. (co-chairs: Orbuch & Smock) Professor, Cascadia Community College

Dinzey-Flores, Zaire
 (joint: Public Policy) - F '05– Fighting Crime, Constructing Segregation: Crime, Housing Policy, and the Social Brands of Puerto Rican Neighborhoods. (co-chair: Young & Corcorran) Associate Professor, Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies and Department of Sociology, Rutgers University

Eckert, Richard C. - W '05 - Deafnicity: A Study of Strategic and Adaptive Responses to Audism by Members of the Deaf American Community of Culture. (co-chairs: Pedraza & Young)

Fritz, Jennifer (joint: Social Work) - W '05 – Childhood Cancer and Changes in Family Relationships and Functioning: What are They and Where Does Support Fit In? (chair: Chesler) Professor of Social Work, Eastern Michigan University

Goh, Daniel Pei-Siong - F '05 – Ethnographic Empire: Imperial Culture and Colonial State Formation In Malaya and The Philippines, 1880-1940, Part 1; Ethnographic Empire: Imperial Culture and Colonial State Formation In Malaya and The Philippines, 1880-1940, Part 2. (co-chairs: Steinmetz & Liu) Associate Professor of Sociology, National University of Singapore

Goodkind, Sara A. (joint: Social Work) - SU '05 – From Delinquent Daughters to Independent Mothers: GenderedExpectations in Juvenile Justice and Alternative Programs for Girls. (co-chairs: Martin & Ruffolo) Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Department of Sociology, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh

Harris, Angel (joint: Public Policy) - W '05 – Do African Americans Really Resist School: An In-Depth Examination of the Oppositional Culture Theory. (co-chairs: Williams & Corcoran) Professor, Duke University.

Kim, Helen K. (joint: Social Work) - F '05 - Twinkies, FOBs and Everything in Between:  Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Identity Among Second Generation Korean American Women. (chair: Martin) Associate Professor, Whitman College

Lawrence-Jacobson, Abigail R. (joint: Social Work0 - SU '05 – Recreating the Common Good: Intergenerational Community Action. (co-chairs: Chesler & Ingersoll-Dayton) Program Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Michigan

Logan, Enid Lynette - F '05 – Holy Sacraments & Illicit Encounters: Marriage, Race, Religion, and the Transformation of Status Hierarchies in Cuba, 1899-1940. (co-chairs: Kimeldorf & Adams) Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

Lyle, Jennifer B. (joint: Social Work) - F '05 – The Association between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Negative Adult Outcomes: an Approach to Teen Childbearing Using New Formulations. (co-chairs: Mowbray & Young) Executive Director, Building Blocks for Kids, Richmond Collaborative

Marquis, Christopher
 – Historical Environments and the Transformation of Twentieth-Century US Banking. (Chairs: Davis/Mizruchi) Professor, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

Martinez, Gloria Parra - SU '05 – Breast Cancer as a Life Process: Psychosocial Experiences of Latina and White (Non-Latina) Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors. (chair: Chesler) Associate Professor, Texas State University

Purkiss, Joel A. - W '05 – Strategic Imaginings: White Masculinities and Their Idealized Others in British and U.S. Boy Scout Handbooks, 1908-1948. (chair: Rose) Director of Curriculum Evaluation, University of Michigan Medical School

Richards-Schuster, Katherine E. (Joint: social Work) - W '05 – Creating Youth Civic Spaces in Low-Income Communities of Color:  Claiming Democracy and Promoting Civic Action. (co-chairs: Checkoway & Martin) Assistant Professor of Social Work, University of Michigan

Swaroop, Sapna - F '05 – The Social Consequences of Racial Residential Integration. (co-chairs: House & Morenoff) Director of Measurement & Reporting, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

White, Janelle Lynn - W '05 – Our Silence Will Not Protect Us: Black Women Confronting Sexual and Domestic Violence. (chair: Adams) Lecturer, San Francisco State University

Willis, Deborah A. (joint: Social Work) - SU '05 – A Model for Measuring Implementation of New Programs Into Old Systems:  A Child Welfare Case Study. (co-chairs: Chesler & Meezan) Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Eastern Michigan University