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Area Exams

As part of their degree requirements, Sociology graduate students take preliminary exams in two areas.  The faculty in each respective area are:

Culture and Knowledge - Anspach, Armstrong, Best, Boutyline, Cech, Frye, Gocek, Jansen, Lacy, Livne, Martin, Murphy, Owen-Smith, Steinmetz, Young, Zubryzcki

Economic Sociology & Organizations - Armstrong, Gaston, Krippner, Livne, Mizruchi, Owen-Smith, Tsutsui

Gender & Sexuality - Ansapach, Armstrong, Cech, Frye, Gocek, Levitsky, Martin

Health & Healthcare - Anderson, Anspach, Best, Burgard, Livne, Morenoff, Owen-Smith

Power, History, and Social Change - Armstrong, Boutyline, Gaston, Gocek, Jansen, Kim, Krippner, Levitsky, Mizruchi, Pedraza, Somers, Steinmetz, Tsutsui, Zubrzycki

Race, Ethnicity, & Immigration - Bloome, Bruch, Burgard, Kim, Lacy, Morenoff, Murphy, Pedraza, Young

Social Demography - Anderson, Axinn, Barber, Bloome, Bruch, Burgard, Frye, Morenoff, Pfeffer, Smock, Thornton


For a more descriptive list of the department's faculty research clusters go to the Faculty by Fields of Study page.