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Appointment-Based Tutoring FAQ

Who can receive appointment-based tutoring?

Appointment-based tutoring at the SLC is only available to students currently affiliated with the Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP), HAIL Scholars, Douglass Houghton Scholars Program (DHSP), POSSE, transfer students, students registered with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), students on academic probation, Kessler Scholars, Women in Science and Engineering Residential Program (WISE-RP), Health Sciences Scholars Program (HSSP), and Michigan Research and Discovery Scholars (MRADS) who are enrolled in Biology 171, 172, 225, 305, Chemistry 130, 210, 215, 230, 260/261, 351, MCDB 310, 322, Physics 140, 150, 240, and 250.

Where and when will my tutoring appointment occur?

All tutoring appointments are either in person or online and held during your self-scheduled time. In-person appointments are located in the SLC Tutoring Room (1720 Chemistry) and students using online appointments are emailed a link 5 minutes before the start of their scheduled appointment.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Yes. You can schedule an appointment through the SLC's Tutoring Scheduling site.

Can I schedule a same day appointment?

No. You must schedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

How long can I meet with a tutor?

Tutoring appointments are scheduled for one hour.

Will I always meet one-on-one with my tutor?

Yes, for the 2022-2023 academic year, all appointment-based tutoring sessions will be one-on-one.

How do I cancel an appointment?

At least 12 hours prior to your appointment, log in to the SLC’s Tutoring Scheduling site using the email address and password you used to set the appointment. Hover your mouse pointer over "Welcome (your name)" and a list of options will appear. Select "My Appointments" and click on the one you would like to cancel. A new window will open where you can click a button labeled, "Cancel This Appointment."

How can I reschedule an appointment after I’ve cancelled an existing one?

Log in to the SLC’s Tutoring Scheduling site using same email address and password you used to set the appointment.  Click on a white square corresponding to the course, day, and time that corresponds to the desired appointment. Follow the system prompts to complete the appointment process.

Can I schedule multiple tutoring appointments for the same course?

You may schedule two tutoring appointments per week for the same course.  To schedule appointments for the term, click through the calendar to make individual appointments for each week.

Why can't I schedule a tutoring appointment?

a. You may not be eligible.  Only students who are in the eligible gropus noted above who ar also enrolled in, or on the waitlist for, a study group can make appointments.

b. You selected an appointment time that is less than 24 hours in advance.

c. There may be a problem with your record in the system. Contact us at for further information.

Why can't I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

You must cancel your appointment at least 12 hours in advance.  If you need to cancel with less than 12 hours advance notice, you must contact us  at  If you do not contact us about your missed appointment prior to 12 hours in advance, you will be marked as a "No Show” and your ability to schedule future appointments may be limited.

What if I miss an appointment?

You will be marked as a ‘No Show” and your ability to schedule future appointments may be limited.  Contact us about your missed appointment as soon as possible at

How should I prepare for my tutoring appointment?

Think about the course material that you find confusing or challenging.   Prepare specific questions for your tutor about what you don’t understand. It is less helpful to say to your tutor, “I don’t understand anything” than “These are the specific concepts or operations I don’t understand...”

Prior to your visit, review your notes from lecture, make a list of points of confusion to review with your tutor, and try doing your homework, if applicable.

Bring your course materials such as textbooks, notes, assignment guidelines, syllabus, and study guides.  The tutors will not have these resources.

How can I provide feedback about my tutoring experience?

During the term you will be asked to complete an evaluation that provides us feedback about your tutoring experience.  

You can also contact a member of the tutoring staff at any point during the term by sending an e-mail to