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2017 Honorable Mention - Bonnie Jiang

Yule Tree by Bonnie Jiang

The Yule Tree is a diagram first developed in 1924 by G.U.Yule, containing a branch splitting into two edges and the number of branches increases gradually. The diagram looks similar to a yule tree visually and illustrated the directions of differentiation. This diagram has been found effectively in prediction the distinction of species. The branches indicate the evolution process. A branch indicates a distinction of a specie and a branch point is when another new specie evolves. Along with branches there is also cherry and leaf, indicating relativity of two species. By calculating these traits, scientists are able to locate the phenotypes, which is the traits that lead to distinction or evolution.

I personally enjoy this model and believe it spoke to the audience without biology background more clear. Therefore, I created this sculpture to communicate with audiences more visually. The use of 3d printing and paper brings the diagram to a more three-dimensional concept instead of graphic. The 3d print material reinforces the concept of technology and science. The viewers can interpret the progress of evolution from different perspectives, which is more intriguing and real than a flat diagram. The viewers can follow any tree branch to see if it leads to a distinction or evolution. The half butterfly is a more aesthetic piece made of copper and polished. The broken half indicates the possible distinction or evolution, making the piece more poetic for general public.