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U-M is the only North American University to offer a minor in Ukrainian Studies. The academic minor in Ukrainian is a multi-faceted program  that integrates Ukrainian studies into broader intellectual and policy agendas while promoting research and scholarly work on contemporary Ukraine in the United States.

Minor Requirements

Prerequisites to the Academic Minor: UKR 251 (with a grade of “C” or better) or equivalent as determined by the Departmental placement examination.

Academic Minor Program: 16 credits of courses, including UKR 252 (4 credits) and 12 credits in courses selected from the following two categories, with at least 6 credits coming from category A.

Category A: Ukrainian Language, Literature, and Culture
At least 6 credits from this category

  • UKR 351 (3rd Year Ukrainian I)
  • UKR 352 (3rd Year Ukrainian II)
  • UKR 421 (Directed Readings in Ukrainian Literature)
  • UKR 320 (An Introduction to Ukrainian Poetry)
  • UKR 470 (Cultures of Ukraine)
  • SLAVIC 490 (Topic: Introduction to Ukrainian Culture)

Category B: Eastern European Slavic Culture
No more than 6 credits from this category

  • HISTORY 432 (Medieval and Early Modern Russia)
  • SLAVIC 240 (Slavic Folklore)
  • SLAVIC 270 (Contact and Conflict: Jewish Experience in Eastern Europe)
  • SLAVIC 313 (Russian and Ukrainian Cinema)
  • SLAVIC 395 (Survey of Russia: The Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the Successor States)
  • RUSSIAN 435 (Cultural History of the Russian Jew)
  • SLAVIC 490 (Topics: Rock Kills Communism; Revolution the Attic)
  • (Up to 3 Credits) Study Abroad, Summer Internships in Ukraine and/or Field Work in Ukrainian Communities in Metro Detroit. The Department offers to help in negotiating summer internships with companies in Ukraine or within local Ukrainian communities.

Typical Courses Offered

Course No. Typically Offered Course Title
151 F First Year Ukrainian
152 W First Year Ukrainian
251 F Second Year Ukrainian
252 W Second Year Ukrainian
320/520 W Ukrainian Poetry
421 F; W Directed Reading: Ukrainian Literature
470 F Cultures of Ukraine

Ukrainian Internship Opportunities

The department has a relationship with a few organizations in Metro Detroit and in Ukraine for students interested in internships focused on Ukraine. Please contact Svitlana Rogovyk,, for more details.

Ukrainian Language Studies Scholarship

The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures is offering scholarships of $500 for Ukrainian language study at U-M during the academic year. See the scholarship page for more information.