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Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian

The academic minor in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Literature and Culture is designed to give students a fundamental competency in the BCS languages, as well as provide an excellent introduction into the political and historical context, literary masterpieces and cinematic achievements of the Balkans.

Minor Requirements

Prerequisites to the Academic Minor

BCS 131, 132, and 231, or equivalent, as determined by the departmental placement examination.

Academic Minor Program

16 credits of courses, including BCS 232 (4 credits) and 12 credits in courses selected from the following two categories, with at least 6 credits from Category A and no more than 6 credits from Category B:

Category A: BCS Courses Language, Literature, and Culture.

Courses in Category A encourage students to continue their language study through literary classes and individualized work with an instructor, concentrating on BCS culture, literature and history.

  • BCS 331/332. Third-Year Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
  • BCS 350 / JUDAIC 350 / REEES 350. Legacy of the Holocaust in Yugoslav Culture: How and Why We Need to Narrate the Holocaust
  • BCS 436. Modern Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Literature
  • BCS 437. Yugoslav Literature of Exile: Nowhere People-Exiles from the State of Ideology
  • BCS 439. Directed Reading of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Literature
  • BCS 450. In No Man's Land: Walls, Migrations and Human Trafficking in the Balkans and Mediterranean
  • HISTORY 431. History of the Balkans Since 1878
  • SLAVIC 471. Seminar in Cultural Studies of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, section entitled “Technologies of Memory”

Category B: Courses on Central/Eastern European Slavic Culture.

Category B courses place the cultural space of the Western Balkans (the area where BCS is spoken) into a larger Central European political, cultural and historical context.

  • POLISH 215. Heart of Europe: Poland Today
  • SLAVIC 225. Arts and Cultures of Central Europe
  • SLAVIC 245. Vampires
  • SLAVIC 290. Studies in Eastern European Cultures (minicourses)
  • SLAVIC 312 / RCHUMS 312. Central European Cinema
  • SLAVIC 423. Central European Literature in the Twentieth Century
  • SLAVIC 490. Issues in the Cultures of Eastern Europe  (appropriate topics)
  • REEES 405. Topics in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (appropriate topics)

Typical Courses Offered

Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

Course No. Typically Offered Course Title
131 F First Year BCS
132 W First Year BCS
231 F Second Year BCS I
232 W Second Year BCS II
331 F Third Year BCS I
332 W Third Year BCS II
350 W Legacy of the Holocaust in Yugoslav Literature
436 W Modern BCS Literature (Topics)
437 F Yugoslav Literature of Exile
439 F; W Directed Reading of BCS

BCS Language Studies Scholarship

The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures offer scholarships of up to $500 for BCS language study at U-M. See the scholarship page for more information and to apply.